Rep. Weiner Again Dodges Taking Position on Ground Zero Mosque

Cross-posted to Liberty Central.

New York City Mayor Anthony Michael Bloomberg is a strong proponent of the Ground Zero Mosque. He has gone out of his way to speak up in support of the rights of Cordoba House to build a mosque at Ground Zero, in Manhattan. The Wall Street Journal reports that Congressman Anthony Weiner – a frequent rival to the Mayor – has written to compliment Bloomberg on his handling of the controversy – but has managed to do so without clearly affirming his own support for the project. Weiner’s refusal to take a stand on the project has previously been noted and criticized; does he intend this letter to clarify, or confuse?


It seems safe to conclude that Weiner supports the mosque. He certainly does not forthrightly oppose it, and his words of encouragement to Mayor Bloomberg really leave no other interpretation. Why then, does he not make his support clear?


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