Announcing Liberty Central

The first part of the Obama administration has shown us clearly that the leadership in Washington is committed to a far left agenda. Forced to choose between steering a moderate course and preserving their popularity, or dramatically expanding the size of the state, Congress and the president have chosen the latter. Their extremism is bound to cost them seats in November, but that won’t reverse the damage they have done.


For that reason, proponents of limited, constitutional government need as many advocates as they can, pushing to rein in our out-of-control government. We need more advocates, and more resources, aimed at pressuring Congress to read and heed the Constitution. We need more efforts to convince Americans that endless government expansion is both illegitimate and counterproductive. For these reasons, I’ve spent the last few months helping prepare for the launch of a new site that will help in this cause: Liberty Central.

I encourage you to check out the new site, which is about to enter its ‘open house’ phase. And I also encourage you to tune in to Fox News Sunday tomorrow, to hear from Liberty Central CEO and president Ginni Thomas. I believe the site is going to provide a potent new voice for Americans who believe we must change our nation’s course. We welcome your feedback.


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