Barack's Army Intimidates No One

George Soros,, the SEIU, the unions, and Barack Obama’s other supporters are pouring millions into the effort to put pressure on swing Democrats to support the Obama budget. Apparently their money is being wasted:


Aides to moderate Senate and House Democrats being targeted by ads and e-mail campaigns said their offices have fielded a relatively light volume of telephone calls, especially in comparison to the crushing response to debate on the economic stimulus package earlier this year.

The office of one Democratic senator targeted by several pro-budget media campaigns reported about 2,600 calls last week about the budget, a mere fraction of the amount of feedback generated by the stimulus debate…

Hoping to reproduce the grassroots buzz that defined Obama’s presidential campaign, the Democratic National Committee’s Organizing for Change initiative, the progressive group, and Americans United for Change launched media blitzes last week in support of the White House’s ambitious spending plan.

A “significant six-figure buy” by Americans United for Change used cable and broadcast television ads in target markets to put the heat on members in 12 states, including Virginia, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire. launched radio ads targeting Sens. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., Mark Warner, D-Va., and Evan Bayh, D-Ind., as well as seven House members.

Jeremy Funk, spokesman for Americans United for Change, called reports of normal call volume “surprising” because aggregate call logs from all of the coalition’s member groups show Democrats have made more than 50,000 calls to Congress.

The coalition’s efforts to rally support for Obama’s healthcare and energy plans will continue through the spring recess, with members hosting town hall meetings and rallies around the country, Funk added. Another TV ad in advance of possible conference negotiations is in the works, he said.


According to one Democratic leadership aide, some swing-state Democrats may have the best of both worlds: they’re benefiting politically from stories that they’re being pressured by liberal interest groups, but they’re not actually feeling any pressure. Apparently even the loyal foot soldiers who put Obama in the White House are getting tired of the permanent campaign. Is it too much to hope that the Netroots waste millions to no effect?



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