Senator Obama Was Correct - The Ex-Im Bank Is Corporate Welfare

On September 22, 2008, Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) sounded like a conservative in the below speech.  Candidate for president Obama railed against programs “that don’t work” like a “reading program that hasn’t improved our children’s reading.”  This talk was music to the ears of independent and conservative leaning democratic voters who don’t like government waste. 


Sen. Obama talked about duplication in government programs and advocated cutting those programs.  The Senator hammered the Export-Import Bank “that’s become little more than a fund for corporate welfare.”  He promised as president to “go through the entire federal budget, page by page,  line by line, and I will eliminate the programs that do not work and are not needed.”  And Americans were dumb enough to believe this bunk.  It did sound good at the time.


What ever happened to that guy?  I kind of liked him. (h/t to Club for Growth for finding video)


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