Today in Washington - August 5, 2010

Transparency is a tough promise for President Obama to keep.  Politico reports today:

Four times in the last week, President Barack Obama has quietly slipped into private, exclusive Democratic Party fundraisers around town, glad-handing well-heeled donors away from the eyes of the press – and contradicting his pledge to run the most transparent administration in history.

The Senate will debate the nomination of anti gun activist Elena Kagan to be on the Supreme Court with a vote on the nomination expected late this evening.  Also, the Senate will complete work on the $26 billion bailout of the states with Medicaid and education monies.  Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) has two amendments to stop the Obama Tax Increases of 2011.  The House is being called back into session, according to The Hill, to pass H.R. 1586, the FAA Reauthorization Bill including the $26 billion in bailout monies.

I can’t stop writing about the Coburn-McCain report titled Summertime Blues and showing a complete waste of your tax dollars on silly government programs.  Many conservatives knock Senator John McCain (R-AZ) for his stances on various issues of importance to conservatives, yet he has always been a hero to the taxpayer on fighting appropriators in the Senate.  Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) also deserves kudos for his excellent work on this report.  The Obama Administration needs to provide a full and transparent explanation on what they are going to do to stop these examples of waste in the use of a portion of the $862 billion in so called “Stimulus” monies.

The Coburn-McCain report chronicles the following silly programs:

  1. President Obama approved a study that costs you $144,541 to provide money to Wake Forest University to study how monkeys react under the influence of cocaine.  According to this “Stimulus” money has created 0.43 jobs. 
  2. President Obama has approved a study that costs $1.9 million of your tax dollars to listen to foreign Ants to California Academy of Sciences.   
  3. President Obama has approved $296,385 of your tax dollars being used to study dog domestication
  4. President Obama has approved a study that costs $141,002 to provide money to Montana State University to study Dinosaur eggs in China.  This one created 0 jobs according to

This is merely 4 programs in the 100 documented by the Coburn-McCain report.  Americans should demand an explanation from elected officials on why they allowed tax money to be squandered on these projects that don’t save or create jobs.


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