Today in Washington - July 14, 2010

Thank you President Obama.  We couldn’t have done it without you.  The Conservative movement is back and strong as ever.  Liberals and Progressives are in tears.  Keep up the good work, Mr. President. More on this issue below the fold.


The House will vote on H.R. 1722, the Telework Improvements Act, and 6 suspension bills.  The Senate is scheduled to continue work on H.R. 5297, TARP, Jr., and may schedule a vote on the War Supplemental.  House and Senate Committees will commence a series of hearings on appropriations bills.

The big news today in Washington is the growing evidence that President Obama’s unpopular policies are becoming a serious problem for liberals in Congress.  The bottom is dropping out of the President and his party’s poll numbers.  Liberals seem shocked and unable to respond to simple questions explaining the tanking numbers.  This Sunday, the President’s Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was asked if his party would lose the House and he said yes.  This response has caused anger and panic among the left. 

Politico reports:

Republicans are seizing on White House press secretary Robert Gibbs’s admission Sunday that Democrats could lose their House majority to send an unambiguous message to Washington’s lobbyist community: The train is leaving the station, and it’s time to get on board.  For months, GOP officials have been making the case to donors and anybody else who will listen that they have a real chance to capture the 39 seats needed to reclaim the House.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was angry and, according to Roll Call, she said of Gibbs admission that Democrats will lose the House and Pelosi will not be Speaker anymore:

I don’t appreciate it. I don’t know who this guy is. I’ve never met him before. And he’s saying that we’re going to lose the House.

Liberals are scared.  They don’t know what to do.  Gibbs is using the talking point that Democrats in the House and Senate need to finish the Obama Agenda, because they are all going to be unemployed real soon.  Pelosi and others who are relying on the President and his staff to continue to argue that the President’s policies will help Americans after the election are losing faith in this President and losing their jobs.

Dana Milbank of the Washington Post writes “it would be accurate to say that Democrats are in a screaming panic about losing control of the House in November.”  Milbank paraphrased House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD):

He thought it “unfortunate” that voters have not come to appreciate all the good things in the Democrats’ economic stimulus legislation. He said the Democrats “regrettably” could not pass a budget with a target for deficit reduction. And he said the Democrats have a “very difficult” political argument to present to voters before November’s elections.

Hoyer and Pelosi don’t know what to say.  How do you explain away the President’s Stimulus plan the merely stimulated unemployment to almost 10%.  How to they justify Congress and President’s refusal to cut any federal spending as the federal debt breached $13 trillion.  

President Obama has done something extraordinary.  He has lead liberals in Congress into the political abyss.  Real Clear Politics has the President’s approval rating at 47.1%.  Compare that to his January 2010 of 49%, July 2009 of 59%, and February 2009 of 65.5% as evidence of a free fall.  

Thank you Mr. President, we could not have done this without you.



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