Today in Washington - June 23, 2010

Tea Party Activists are likely to have another ally in Washington this Fall — Mike Lee, the Republican nominee for Senate from Utah.  Lee will join Republican nominee from Kentucky Rand Paul and the Republican nominee from Nevada Sharron Angle as non-establishment Tea Party activist candidates for Senate.  If these candidates are sworn into office, expect the Republican establishment to sound more conservative next year.


The Senate will debate the Tax Extenders bill including an extension of unemployment benefits for another few days in search of a deal.  The House will vote on a bill regulating calling cards and another bill to provide the power to subpoena witnesses to the commission investigating the oil spill in the Gulf.  Conferees continue discussions on Financial Services Deform.   

Issues for Conservatives to watch today are the following:

  • Tea Party Senators – Mike Lee can add his name to the short list of conservatives, if he wins, in the Senate next year.  Politico reports today that “the decorous and staid U.S. Senate could get a lot rowdier in 2011.”  Senate leadership may be looking over their collective shoulders, because these candidates “owe little to the establishment—party leaders largely opposed their candidacies.”  Senators Lee, Paul and Angle can establish a Tea Party caucus in the Senate.
  • DISCLOSE Act – Expect legislation infringing on the First Amendment rights of all Americans to hit the House floor this Thursday.  The Hill reports, “Democrats are hoping to wrap up work this week on the Disclose Act, a piece of legislation meant to abate the impact of a Supreme Court decision freeing up corporate and labor spending in elections.” Conservatives argue that the DISCLOSE Act is an unconstitutional regulation of free speech.
  • Stanley McChrystal– News reports indicate that General Stanley McChrystal has been called back to Washington to meet with President Obama to answer for his comments in a Rolling Stonemagazine article.  White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs implied that McChrystal’s military career is at an end when he stated “everything is on the table.”  Tough talk for an Administration that is ashamed of our nation’s status as a superpower and so weak on foreign policy.  This Administration seems overly concerned about embarrassing news and not as concerned about national security.  


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