Feminists Declare War on Texas White Women


Feminists (women and men because NOH8 or something) took to Twitter Wednesday morning to express their outrage over Wendy Davis’ loss in her bid for Governor of Texas. While everyone around the country pretty much expected Davis to lose, apparently feminists were to busy screaming #WarOnWomen to notice. While one would assume the feminists would blame the man, in this case Governor Elect Greg Abbott, their rage spiral took a surprising turn towards women. Specifically, white women in Texas who dared to not vote for the white woman. Why would white women not vote for Wendy Davis? According to feminists, the reasons were obvious.


Because they are classy, many of the feminists #WarOnTexasWhiteWomen tweets couldn’t be included due to being laced with some very choice words.


The disconnect from realty must be pretty bad at this point for a group who purportedly care about women to have such low views of women. Beyond missing the irony of their hate fest, it actually didn’t occur to the feminists that women in Texas (whatever their color) may not have voted for Wendy Davis because she isn’t representative of Texas women. Overwhelmingly the state doesn’t support abortion – what did the left think would happen when they poured money into a candidate who earned herself the nickname “Abortion Barbie”? In fact, one would be hard pressed to think of any subject other than abortion that Davis ran on; certainly her campaign did not appear to focus on any issues relevant to the state of Texas.

Even many Democrats threw in the towel when Davis decided it would be a wise idea to attack her opponent for being in a wheelchair. Her poll numbers dropped immediately afterwards. She may not have won the governorship, but she certainly has taken first place for the lowest attack ad in the history of ever.

No, dear feminists, it’s not the case that white women in Texas didn’t vote for Davis because we all just do what our husbands tell us in-between our sweet tea and bonbons. Women in Texas didn’t vote for Davis because she was an awful candidate who wasn’t right for Texas and proved herself to not be a very good person to boot. Now run along and let the women of Texas get back to helping Texas remain the greatest state in the union.



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