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Image via BBC One
Image via BBC One

Welcome to The Vine, where every week I strive to bring you updates from around the pro-life community to help you keep up with the ever constant battle to save lives. If you aren’t plugged-in, it is my sincere hope that The Vine will allow you to get familiar with those on the front lines and find your place among them.


Beginning today, close to 3,000 people will be online learning how to perform abortions according to WORLD News Group (WNG). The class, which is being offered by the University of California, San Francisco, is the first of its kind and hopes that the free education will lead to greater accessibility of abortions. Of course, as the WNG post points out, lack of education isn’t the reason why abortion rates have been declining. In fact, “although 97 percent of OBGYNs had encountered a woman who desired an abortion, only 14 percent agreed to carry out the procedure.” Doctors understand that there are two lives at stake and, having taken an oath to protect lives, are understandably not willing to kill one for the convenience of the other. Additionally, the majority of Americans do not support unrestricted abortions no matter how many people take an online course to perform them. The realty is that doctors and the public are already educated and that is why the pro-abortion movement is getting so desperate.

Although the online abortion class is six weeks long, one can assume they will leave out the inconvenient facts related to abortion giant Planned Parenthood. On top of repeatedly covering up sex abuse while giving dangerous advice about sex, Planned Parenthood also supports forced abortions in China. Revealed at Life Site News, due to the pro-abortion Obama administration, tax dollars funding the United Nations Population Fund and International Planned Parenthood actually leave all Americans footing the bill for gendercide in China. To anyone that keeps up with the ongoing atrocities that take place at the hands of Planned Parenthood, their involvement in China’s one-child policy is not surprising. What remains to be a mystery, however, is how feminist groups continue to rationalize supporting such an obviously anti-feminist organization.


While Planned Parenthood continues unfettered to destroy human lives, a court in New York last week considered giving personhood rights to chimpanzees. The case, brought by the Nonhuman Rights Project, sought to protect chimps from animal cruelty by allowing them to have the same rights as humans. Please forgive the repetition, but for the sake of clarity: While America refuses to give personhood to actual persons in the womb, they are considering giving personhood to chimpanzees. The case was turned down by the judges and has moved on to an appeals court. The Nonhuman Rights Project also plans to present other lawsuits on behalf of more chimps and one elephant. #HeadDesk

In other news, a couple in the UK has publicly stated they would have aborted their now five year old son, Dylan, had they known he was disabled. As they relayed to The Daily Mail, Jill and Iain Kelly “would not have gone through with pregnancy if they had known the pain their disabled son has to endure.” Yet, sadly, the truth is littered throughout their confession. Said Dylan’s mother, Jill:

I didn’t want a baby with disabilities. I was thinking, ‘Is he going to be in a wheelchair? Am I going to lose my job and be a stay-in parent?’ It wasn’t what I wanted for myself at the time.’

After Dylan was born, his parents quit their jobs to care for him which ultimately led to declaring bankruptcy and losing their home. Despite the fact they now live in an apartment and enjoy watching Dylan chase his little sister around, the Kellys still felt it necessary to reveal to the world they stand behind their original wish to kill their disabled child. Seemingly more heartbreaking is Jill’s statement that someday she will tell her child she wanted to abort him. To know that someday Dylan and his sister will find out how his parents really feel about him is beyond upsetting. As a community we must pray, not only that the Kellys will have a change of heart but that their children will find forgiveness for the major hurt their parents have and plan to inflict upon them.


In cases such as the Kellys, the knowledge that so many others would be thrilled to care for a little Dylan brings comfort to the sadness. The founders of Adopt a Love Story hope to help those in whom God has lit a fire for adopting children in need. As they state:

Adopt a Love Story was founded out of the goal to not only help adoptive families overcome the financial barriers to adoption, but to help each family share the power of the love stories being written in their adoption process.

Each story is different and there are tears and joy found in each love story. The common thread throughout these stories though is that of deliberate, intentional love. Love stories that are written from a desire to sacrifice one self for the life of a child that hasn’t yet been met.

We believe that a redeeming, deliberate, life-saving love is an echo of the most beautiful love story of all time.

It is truly up to us to lift up organizations such as Adopt a Love Story so that there can be no question as to whether anyone should give in to abortion. All pre born babies are wanted – if not by their birthparents, so very much by others. As this week’s recipient of the Branch For Life, I hope you will share the awesome story of Adopt a Love Story.

Finally, with an eye on beauty, BBC One previously released an amazing video showing the development of the face inside the womb. It is an incredible inside look that reveals how we all develop the same before we each so beautifully become a unique creation. Enjoy.




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