Ted Cruz Takes Center Stage, Media Increases Attacks

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With news Wednesday morning that Michelle Bachmann won’t be running for re-election in 2014, the left has turned their sights quickly to another target: Ted Cruz.  Not that they weren’t already focused on him.  The left has been foaming at the mouth over Cruz since he boldly stepped on the scene and refused to play by their crooked rules.  Bachmann’s exit, however, has introduced a new fervor on the left against Cruz and they’ve taken no time to come at him from every angle.


Seemingly within minutes of Bachmann’s announcement, Washington Bureau Chief of the Houston Chronicle Richard Dunham posted a piece questioning the legality of Ted Cruz running for president.  If that doesn’t reveal how scared the left is of Cruz, I’m not sure what does.  Calling it “Birther 2.0,” Dunham stated:

Five years after celebrity billionaire Donald Trump and a motley assortment of conservatives raised questions about a liberal Democratic candidate’s American birthplace, the shoe is on the other foot.

Now which liberal Democrat might Dunham be referring to?  Well it certainly will be interesting watching the left lose their minds over Ted Cruz’s eligibility after years of them bashing birthers on the right for the same thing.  Of course many on the right have consistently argued against the birthers on our side, at RedState they are banned along with those who talk of secession from the union.  Yet, I have a feeling that, not only will the left highlight with pride their birthers, they won’t remember our attempts to move on to more important issues.

Even Dunham couldn’t escape the truth in the midst of trying to stir up the controversy:


But there is a wide range of jurisprudence on the issue _ which overwhelmingly favors the notion that Cruz is eligible to serve as president.

Thanks for playing Dunham, let’s see what’s next!

I’d have to say Chris Matthews summed up the left’s argument against Cruz pretty well on Friday when he referred to Cruz as, “the unsmiling contemptuous face of the wild, nasty hard right fringe…”  Matthews also accused Cruz of being a “political bomb thrower,” while he spent a full minute throwing political bombs at him.  Careful Chris, I think you have a little foam showing…


Matthews’ argument seeking to paint Cruz as a crazy right-winger, however,  is ultimately the one of which we’ll be seeing more.  Twitter was abuzz with transferring their Bachmann hate to Cruz Tuesday evening and, of course, Morning Joe took up the torch first thing Wednesday morning.  After explaining that Bachmann made “inflammatory statements” because it “raised a lot of money” (not because she actually believed what she was saying!), Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough predicted wild man Cruz would be the next fading flower.



Well Joe, I have a prediction of my own.  Ted Cruz won’t be fading away, instead he’ll continue to take a stand for conservatives across the country.  As he continues his rise to the top, Cruz will have an army of conservatives behind him who’ve waited far too long for a leader who doesn’t compromise on the issues we hold dear.  And watching liberals seethe in the background?  Well, that’ll just make the ride that much more fun.


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