If It Fits The Narrative...

Last night, an estimated 30,000 people attended a rally for Mitt Romney in Morrisville, PA.  It wasn’t the crowd size that made the news however, as Romney’s rallies have consistently drawn thousands, it was the excited tweets from Jackie Kucinich, of USA Today, who was also in attendance at the rally.  According to Kucinich, there was a hostage situation… kind of… and then not really.


It started at 6:59, when Kucinich tweeted that people at the Romney rally who wanted to leave weren’t being permitted.

Instead of asking someone from the campaign what was going on, which she easily could’ve done considering she is with the press, she instead chose to not investigate the issue and continue tweeting what was going on around her.

When confronted about the fact that the temperatures weren’t even close to those that could cause hypothermia, she deflected by saying she wasn’t the only tweeting about the issue.  Being a member of the media though, it was her tweets that caught the attention of Communications Director for the DNC, Brad Woodhouse.  Still with no one confirming what was actually taking place, Woodhouse posted the ordeal on the DNC website.


Finally, after others took the initiative to find out what was happening at the rally, Kucinich tweeted that, according to someone named Ashley Parker, “people were not being let out due to security concerns.”  Kucinich followed up by tweeting that she would post a story “soon” with all the details of the event, which she did on USA Today at 1:55 AM; but unfortunately she failed to tweet out to all those following along on Twitter.  In her report, Kucinich noted that the people who were trying to leave the rally were trying to do so through a perimeter previously made secure by the Secret Service.  She also stated that the Secret Service and Romney staff helped people leave through proper exits.


Meanwhile on Twitter, RBPundit was trying to convey to DNC Communications Director Woodhouse that the story was wrong and he should correct his post claiming otherwise.  Woodhouse, obviously fine with lying on the official DNC website, responded to RBPundit accordingly.


Woodhouse later tweeted that he believed the Secret Service having to secure an area at a campaign event for a potential president was “BS.”  He continued throughout the night to tweet that the Romney camp was holding people hostage and hoping for “Stockholm Syndrome.”

So what will happen now to USA Today reporter Jackie Kucinich and DNC Communications Director Brad Woodhouse?  Lucky for them, they aren’t the rest of the country.  As members of the mainstream media and the Democrat party, they won’t be held to the same standards as everyone else; no one expects them to do their jobs so there are no repercussions for their failures to investigate properly and communicate truthfully.  Lucky for the rest of the country, we’ve become familiar with the lack of diligence on the left and, God willing, tomorrow we will officially put them on notice.




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