Rep. Keith Ellison Out of Control

Democrat Representative Keith Ellison currently serves Minnesota’s 5th congressional district as the first Muslim ever to be elected to Congress. Previously there have been questions concerning his potential ties to radical Islam, but as voters take to the polls Tuesday they may want to consider his behavior of late.


During a recent radio interview with his Republican challenger, Chris Fields, Ellison twice called his opponent a “lowlife scumbag,” and also referred to Fields as a “gutter dweller.” Ellison rose from his chair and, according to radio station News Director Dale Connelly, his “lips were trembling with evident anger.” Connelly actually had to physically stand between the two shouting candidates and the station went to music while they tried to reign in the heated situation.

Ellison later apologized for his out of control behavior, however, he followed it up by insinuating voter ID is like the Devil. Ellison spoke with Rev. Randolph Staten, Co-Chair of the Coalition of Black Churches, about his work against voter ID law in Minnesota saying that the issue was his campaign’s top priority. He went on to explain that when the Devil comes back he will seem nice and reasonable, just like voter ID seems reasonable. In Ellison’s opinion, though, voter ID is simply a ploy to take away the right to vote. While he may have turned up the volume on his rhetoric, at least this time Ellison spoke calmly.


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