Biden Now Posing a Threat to Democrat Races in Both Chambers of Congress, Say Dems

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Democrats currently running for office or fighting for their seats in both chambers of congress are having to watch how friendly they are toward Biden out of fear that getting too chummy with him will result in a loss of confidence from voters. 


According to Politico, Connecticut Democrat Rep. Jim Himes is getting texts and emails constantly about Biden's capabilities from his constituency, and none of them are kind about it. So much so that Biden has become a threat: 

Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn), top Democrat on the Intelligence Committee, said he had gotten several hundred texts and emails about Biden’s age — and not a single one of them wanted him to remain. He also argued, we’re told, that both chambers of Congress would be lost with Biden in the race, a sentiment we’ve heard from most Democrats we’ve spoken to in the past week.

Himes isn't the only one hearing this rumbling. According to the Washington Examiner, other Democrats are sounding the alarm: 

Some Democrats have had to carefully watch their words concerning the president given his recent unpopularity among voters, indicated by polls that have former President Donald Trump ahead in multiple swing states, in likely fear that staunchly supporting him now may alienate some voters.

Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) mentioned that “the top of the ticket is very important for down-ballot races, especially in swing districts,” though reiterated his support for Biden in late June.


Biden is posing a clear threat to the Democrat Party with his mere presence. Despite attempts to make it seem like he's both determined and capable, it's pretty clear that all the media's horses and all the media's men can't put Biden's campaign back together again. Despite the fact that it's a dead campaign walking, Biden has stated he's not moving from his position. 

As RedState reported, Colorado Democrat Senator Michael Bennet foresees a "landslide win" for Donald Trump against Biden, and he's likely correct. I'm not entirely sure how the Democrats pull a victory out of thin air at this point. Even if they do swap Biden out with someone, none of the Democrats that could fit the bill would be able to overcome the momentum Trump has.  

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If things are that bad for Biden, any attachment to him could be seen by voters as being complicit in, not just the downfall of the Democrat Party in the 2024 election, but also being part in allowing the man the Democrats told everyone was the most dangerous person in America back into the White House. In a way, the Democrat's own faux panic about Trump is now backfiring on them, which is par for the course for Democrats as of late. 


The best laid plans of mice and men...

According to many polls, Democrats are still projected to control the House after November, but Biden could ruin that. Even if Democrats flat-out reject Biden in public, they could still be blanket-blamed for inviting this disaster for not working hard enough as a party to get him out. Indeed, the current turmoil happening within the party isn't a good look, and if the party can't get it together as a unit then that can't help give people faith in it going forward. I can see many Democrat voters simply just staying home. 



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