Wow: Texas Rep. Wesley Hunt Tells Insane Story of Trump Threatening Taliban Leaders to Their Faces

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

Former President Donald Trump was many things as commander-in-chief, but when it came to foreign policy, he wasn't the guy you mess around with. According to Texas Republican Congressman Wesley Hunt, the Taliban learned that during a face-to-face meeting with the former President. 


Hunt appeared on The Sage Steele Show alongside Byron Donalds, where he told a story about the time Trump met with Taliban leaders while planning the withdrawal of American troops out of Afghanistan. 

During the meeting, Trump told the Taliban leaders he wanted to leave Afghanistan, but wanted it to be a "conditions-based withdrawal." 

What were the conditions? 

Just one, according to Hunt. 

Hunt said they had one translator in the room, and Trump made his condition very clear for the translator. 

“If you harm a hair on a single American, I’m going to kill you,” said Trump. 

The translator reportedly looked at Trump with wide eyes and leaned back in his seat according to Hunt, however Trump insisted the translator repeat his warning to the Taliban leaders verbatim, which he did. 

As he did, Hunt says Trump reached into his pocket and took out a satellite image of the Taliban leader's home and handed it to him before simply getting up and walking out of the room. 


The message was short but very, very clear. Trump wasn't fooling around. 

It truly makes you wonder how things in Afghanistan would have played out differently if Trump was still in charge, but sadly that's not how it played out. President Joe Biden oversaw the withdrawal of Afghanistan, and it remains one of his greatest failures among his growing heap of failures to this day. 

As you might recall, Biden definitely withdrew troops in 2021, but it was so horribly thought out it abandoned untold amounts of military equipment to the Taliban which they repurposed. More egregiously, however, he abandoned hundreds of Americans and allies to the mercy of the Taliban, who overran the country almost immediately. Thirteen service-members died. 

Biden embarrassed America with this withdrawal, and the blood spilled is on his and his administration's hands. 

Again, you can't help but wonder if this would have played out different if Trump was in charge. You likely wouldn't have had a Taliban that was nearly as brave as they were under Biden, but the threat of being struck by a missile apparently wasn't a concern for them anymore when Biden took office. The real threat was Trump, and Trump had already demonstrated how threatening he could be when he drone-struck Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani and then ate some ice cream. 


And this little story told by Hunt reinforces that. 

The contrast between Biden and Trump is so stark here that it's night and day. 



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