Leftist Radical Protesters: A Conservative's Best Friend

AP Photo/Richard Vogel

Honestly, I worry that one day I'll find myself out of a job and not because AI will take it. It'll happen because the left will become so incredibly ridiculous in its radicalism that writers like me will no longer be needed to make a solid case for liberty-minded governance and common sense thought. I'd have better luck becoming a writer on a television show akin to South Park, where no joke about how absurd people are remains a joke for long. At some point, a group of people will come along to make my joke a deadly serious matter. 

Emphasis on "deadly." 

The leftist radical is equal parts annoying, frightening, and hilarious. For instance, let's check in on protesters who like to block roadways. 

My chat and I had a good laugh watching this clip over and over on my show, "Brandon Morse Is a Brand Risk," but we stopped to analyze the events point by point because it was just so fascinating to watch these protesters act the way they do. As you can see (or not if you can't watch it right now), the protesters are attempting to set up a barrier using a rope. They attempt to stop a truck which ignores them and plows right through the flimsy rope barrier, and while one of the protesters is smart enough to let go, one isn't. 

The rope gets caught up on something on the truck and breaks, snapping back on the girl still holding her end of the rope. The camera doesn't show what happens to the girl at that moment, but when it cuts back to her, she's on the ground, dazed. 

You might be thinking, "is she stupid?" Based on the evidence...yes. She's very, very stupid. Anyone who tries to hold onto a rope wrapped around a ton of metal hurtling down a highway thinking it will somehow slow it down or stop it isn't the brightest lightbulb in the box.  

But this level of stupidity from these kinds of protesters isn't a bug, it's a feature. 

For instance, none of them stop to think that their behavior is going to actually turn people against their cause and hinder it further. Stopping traffic on a road where people will become annoyed, enraged, or desperate isn't going to cause people to look on any cause kindly, yet these idiots think they're really getting the word out and raising awareness. 

Trust me, everyone's aware...we're aware of how much we despise these protesters and whatever because they think is worth stopping emergency vehicles from getting to where they need to go. 

Case in point, who watched this desecration of an ancient structure and felt the need to "stop oil" afterward? 

Who witnessed the interruption of this baseball game by these pro-Hamas protesters and really started to think that maybe they too should start taking "anti-Zionism" seriously? 

These idiots make their point for you, and the more intense they get, the worse off their cause is. 

I think I can mark the real turning point of the public's feelings about the transgender community at the Nashville shooting by a transgender individual who murdered six people, three of which were innocent children. Since then, the narrative that transgender people are all societal victims who are bullied and hunted in the street has fallen flat and the movement's momentum took a massive hit. With each act of violence a gender confused idiot commits, the ire around the movement only grows. 

 If it weren't for the violence, I would say I hope these radicalized useful idiots never go away. They certainly make a strong argument against their cause and are probably more effective at turning people off to it than I'll ever be. 

But the next time you see any of these people, be sure to thank them. They're a large part of why America is souring on radical leftism. 



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