I Have a Simple Solution to Avoiding Facing the Wrath of Israel

AP Photo/Hussein Malla

Let's paint a little scenario. 

Let's say your child is kidnapped by a group of people, and your county Sheriff's office loads up on gear to rescue your son or daughter. During said rescue, every single one of the people involved in the kidnapping dies at the hands of the Sheriff's deputies. Your children are returned to you, though it was clear they suffered mistreatment at the hands of the kidnappers. 

In this situation, would anybody really be sad about the death of the kidnappers? 

Yes. It all depends on the identity of the kidnappers, apparently. For instance, if the kidnappers were a group of "non-binary," pastel-colored haired lunatics claiming that they only kidnapped the child because they hated you, the child's parents for being Christian and Conservative, then sympathy would have been given to them by the media, politicians, activists, and keyboard warriors. In fact, there would have been several people lamenting the fact that they didn't kill the child when they had the chance. 

Likely, one of those people suffering from a case of the "sads" would be Mark Ruffalo. 

Ruffalo finds himself the mouthpiece of the useful idiots in the West on many occasions, including recently. Ruffalo is outraged that the rescue of Israeli hostages came at the hands of 274 people being killed by Israeli forces (that's a figure given to us by Hamas, so take it with a truckload of salt) and calls the equation of trading so many lives for the rescue of a few "sinful." He called the siege to rescue the people kidnapped by Hamas "cruel and senseless." 

By the way, don't let it slip past you that he used the term "returned," and not "rescued" in regard to the hostages. 

Let me be very, very clear. If you kidnap and slaughter innocent people that belong to a country infinitely more powerful than you and your civilization is reduced to rubble as a result, that's on you. If you exist solely to push a genocide of that powerful nation, and you start a war with said nation, then your entire existence being wiped out is the inevitable result. If you attempt to help keep hostages from that powerful country that wants their people back, then you can't be mad when you get obliterated by the technological and tactical superiority of the country whose people you violated. 

As I've stated before, Israel doesn't have a choice in this war. Hamas marked Israel and the Jewish people for destruction. They are a genocidal terrorist group that will continue to kill, kidnap, and commit unspeakable crimes against Israelis until they are wiped out. While people are going to die who shouldn't, it needs to be remembered that this is war. Innocents suffer the most during wartime conflicts, and this especially includes civilians under the control of Hamas, who often wheel out women and children as human shields to not only hinder Israel's efforts, but use their inevitable deaths as fuel for the anti-Israel sentiment in the West thanks to a complicit media. 

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But Israel wouldn't be waging this war if it wasn't for the events on October 7, and I want to make a point of this event because the people crying for a "ceasefire" either are ignorant of the fact, or purposefully ignoring, that the October 7 massacre at the hands of Hamas was a breach of a ceasefire. 

In fact, it wasn't the first breach of a ceasefire, either. 

Before October 7, rockets were fired from Gaza into southern Israel in July 2023. 

Hamas launched incendiary balloons into Israeli territory, setting fire to farmland in August of that year as well.

Then they launched more rockets in September. 

Breaking ceasefires with Israel is Hamas's favorite pastime. Calling for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas is either the result of ignorance, pie in the sky thinking, or you want Israel to give Hamas a break so they can recoup, recover, and recruit for more violence down the line. 

There's a simple solution to Hamas's problem here. It's not honoring ceasefires. It's not the cessation of kidnapping. 

It's dying. It's disappearing from the face of the Earth, and Israel is more than willing to make that happen, as they should. 

Hamas cannot exist, and innocent people be safe. Israeli people can't be safe, and Palestinian people can't be safe. This is a simple fact of reality. While it's tragic that this war has to be, this is the war Hamas wanted. Getting mad at Israel for winning a war that a rabid anti-Jewish group with hateful ideology driving their actions is no different from lamenting that Nazis died at the hands of Allies during WW2. 


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