The Media Is Figuratively Burning Flags, So America Will Burn Its Identity

AP Photo/Ryan Kang

Back in August of 2023, a kid named Jaiden was sat down by a member of his school's staff next to his mother where both he and his mother were informed that Jaiden was in trouble for sporting a racist symbol on his backpack. 

You probably remember the story. The school staffer tried to pull one over on Jaiden's mother about the meaning behind the Gadsden Flag, an American patriotic symbol that features a coiled snake on a yellow background with the words "Don't Tread On Me" under it. According to the staffer, a patch that featured the symbol on Jaiden's backpack had its origins in slavery. 

It was a lie that Jaiden's mother wasn't having. The confrontation was recorded and broadcast to the internet, launching a massive backlash against Jaiden's school that quickly resulted in the school backing down and acknowledging Jaiden could display the patch. 

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The incident was indicative of a larger problem in America. Our symbols were being made taboo by various groups and entities in the United States via blatant lies about where they came from and what they meant. 

The Gadsden Flag, for instance, had no origins in slavery and the only connection to it was that slavery incidentally existed in America around the time of the flag's creation in 1775 by Christopher Gadsden, a South Carolina statesman and general during the American Revolution. Other than that very loose connection, there is nothing about the flag that indicates an approval for slavery. In fact, one could argue it stands for the opposite. 

Not deterred, the left is continuing its quest to make American symbols distasteful in the minds of Americans, recently with the "Appeal to Heaven" flag. According to Forbes, CBS, and others, the flag is now wrapped up in connections to the most evil event in all of human history — clutch your pearls and fetch your fainting couch — January 6!

According to Forbes, it also involves a focus on Christianity: 

More recently, the flag was adopted as the symbol of the "An Appeal to Heaven" initiative of South Carolina preacher Dutch Sheets, which aims to ensure the government of the United States is based on Christian values and support elected officials "who will commit to live and govern based on biblical, constitutional and Federalist principles."

Today, the flag is tied closely to the "Stop the Steal" movement and is usually rooted in religious support of Donald Trump, the Times reported.

While this is being used as a way to tie Alito to being sympathetic about January 6 and giving the Democrats a better chance at getting Trump out of the way, the attack on the flag has the additional benefit of demonizing another one of America's symbols. 

The attack on the flags, including our own American flag, happens more often than not in schools where the young are brought up to see these symbols as racist, sexist, colonialist, xenophobic, and other modern social sins. 

Painting them as evil allows the left to accomplish its primary goal. Discredit and demonize the United States in the minds of the people. Take away its symbols of patriotism and pride and the will to fight dims. It's the demoralization plan in action. 

As explained by former KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov, demoralization is the process of infiltrating our education system, media, and cultural institutions to erode society’s foundational beliefs and values. This means that America's symbols have to go, including flags, statues, landmarks (if possible), and even the corruption or embarrassment of major American corporations such as Disney. 

Take away the love of America and the will to fight for it goes with it, making for a much easier time to slip into power and erode it further until it either collapses or becomes a fundamentally different country. 

So while this may seem like a silly moment by the press, the effects of demonizing the "Appeal to Heaven" flag have a much greater purpose. Now that you see that, perhaps buying one and flying it is in order. 


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