Beauty Trends Change, but Ugly Will Never Be Beauty

By this point, we've all seen just how grotesque the hard-left and gender-confused will make themselves in order to defy what they consider to be beauty standards created by social constructs. Hilariously, these same people still want to be considered attractive, they just want to redefine what that means. 

Case in point, I spoke about this very thing on my livestream recently and gave an example of what I'm talking about...

...I hope you're not eating anything. 

What makes all of this even more bizarre than it already is, is that these people want to escape traditional beauty standards, but still want to be attractive. As you can see from the example above, the person is on a dating app and looking seductively into the camera. 

The idea is that traditional beauty standards are sexist and create an oppressed/oppressor dynamic with the women being the victims and men being the mustache-twirling patriarchy just looking to keep women barefoot and pregnant in a kitchen for their entire lives. Destroying these beauty standards by embracing ugliness is supposed to upset this dynamic. 

Yet, these people still want to be in a relationship, and despite adopting a purposefully ugly aesthetic, they still try to embrace methods to be traditionally attractive. This creature still displays cleavage, has its hair falling just so, and is even attempting bedroom eyes. 

The bottom line is that, unless the other person is just as mentally ill, there's not a sober person in the world who would swipe right on this monstrosity with any seriousness. 

But the movement soldiers on as if they can normalize this kind of thing into existence and that this will somehow upend nature itself in terms of the male/female sex dynamic. 

But even a few decades of this being pushed on humanity will not altar instinct and the natural order. This is why the radicals in the gender movement will inevitably lose no matter how hard they work, or struggle. There is a reason behind beauty standards, and they aren't societally created. 

These are ingrained into us by God Himself. 

There's science behind attractiveness and highlighted a study that proves this: 

After a lifetime of being told that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” it may seem strange that beauty has an objective quality. However, even science supports the idea that there is some objectivity to the contributions of beauty to evolution. One meta-analysis of 919 studies revealed that our beauty standards are relatively fixed both across and within different cultures, proving that there are some universally preferred characteristics (3). Some important factors that predispose us to perceiving a face as attractive include health, symmetry of the face and body, specific ratios (between eye distance for example), and facial color. Attractive faces are also defined as familiar because they tend to match the average features of what is in the population around us, especially when it comes to proportions (5).

To be clear, regions have different ideas of what we consider physically attractive, and what we consider beautiful can even change from era to era depending on fashion trends. However, underneath all of that, lies an unshakable view of what beauty is. 

In terms of the female form, the instinctual beauty men seek signifies many things including mental stability, good health, longevity of life, and the ability to bear children and nurture them. Women are a tad less picky when it comes to looks, but regardless, women find men who seem strong, confident, and clean as physically attractive. This signifies the ability to provide and protect. 

We might be the smartest creatures walking the Earth, but we're still animals with instincts wired in. 

Beauty comes in many different forms, but it is integral to the human experience, so much so that it literally plays a part in the propagation and continuation of our species. Where beauty takes a hike, problems arise. This is something that will never change regardless of how hard the radical left and the social justice-obsessed try to change it.

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