The Democrats Are Running out of Time on Antifa

AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus

The domestic terrorist group called "Antifa" can dress up their name and their actions as good-guy related but when you strip away the "anti-fascist" moniker and the mask of fighting for the oppressed, they're nothing but a group of radical leftist militants. 

If you've been following politics for even a few years, you'll know who Antifa is. They're the people dressed in black bloc with their faces covered at marches or riots. They often accompany any leftist-theme gathering, waiting for the moment to turn even peaceful marches into violent riots through destruction and physical assault. 

They were very prevalent in the Black Lives Matter riots of 2015 and 2019 and were instrumental to the disruption of many rallies that didn't support left-leaning causes or promoted traditionalism. 

Journalist Andy Ngo, who specializes in covering Antifa, wrote the book "Unmasked" that detailed who the group is, and what he revealed was that this wasn't just a group that has cells across the nation. They're a global operation, well funded and well connected. Their mission is the destruction of the American Republic, the capitalist system, and the institution of Communism, and as Ngo wrote, they will go to any lengths in order to make it happen: 

“Violence is a feature, not a bug, of Antifa’s ideology. In fact, they venerate violence. Since 2015, untold numbers of victims, including other journalists, have been doxed, beaten, robbed, or killed by Antifa militants. Few of them receive media attention—or justice.”

You would think that our political system would readily denounce these domestic terrorists, but the Democrats seem to think they're either nothing to worry about or a boon to society. Democrats will throw people in jail for January 6, even if they weren't there, but Antifa rioting in the name of ideology, including in D.C., is automatically dismissed. 

“There are no ‘both sides’ in this debate,” said Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee during a House Judiciary Committee hearing. “We must not be misled by efforts to divert the attention and accountability for these acts of right-wing violence and terror. Any attempt to do so, for instance, says that the real problem is something called Antifa, is irresponsible and belittles the seriousness of the threat of extreme right-wing violence and misidentifies who the perpetrators predominantly are in this community.”

When Antifa was brought up to Joe Biden, he dismissed it as more of an "idea" than an actual entity in our society. 

Democrats are very aware of what Antifa is and what it represents, but Antifa is a useful tool in keeping power. It stops people from getting together or disrupts events that may challenge the Democrats' narrative or holds on power. They can show up and incite violence that can then be used by the media to make the good guys seem like the bad guys. 

As I reported on Friday, Antifa recently showed up at an event in Toronto that parents had created to protest the political indoctrination of children in schools. Antifa showed up with signs and chants about how LGBT children have rights, trying to make it appear as if they were fighting for the oppressed. Things soon turned violent, and people who were attacked by Antifa were arrested. 

The same thing happened in Glendale, California, where Antifa showed up to physically confront parents protesting the same thing. 

(READ: Parents Defend Themselves from Violent Antifa Militants at 'Education Over Indoctrination' Protest)

Antifa has no sense of decency or virtue. Their only care in the world is the destruction of traditionalism and the implementation of Communism. They will attack women, minors, and the elderly, terrorize and intimidate innocents, and even attempt to assault parents for standing up for their children. 

While Antifa is a perpetual line crosser, it's perhaps the attack on parents that may be something that truly pushes people to the brink. This is no longer just about politics. This is now about people's children, and that's a line that many won't allow people to cross. 

If Antifa continues to show up to try to intimidate and assault parents in the name of seizing control of their children, at some point someone will respond with deadly force. It will likely be a parent who knows that their protest will draw Antifa in and they will prepare for violence. When it starts, that parent will likely draw their weapon. 

From here, things could potentially devolve into more violence and death. If that does happen, then none of the fingers should be pointed at the parents. They should all be pointed at the Democrats. 

The Democrats have had a multitude of chances to denounce and reign in Antifa, from the federal level down to the local, and yet the Democrats have done nothing but coddle and/or encourage them. They allow them to walk away after breaking the law, assaulting the people, and destroying towns. Of course, this was going to embolden them, and that hubris is only going to make them push further and further until they find themselves face to face with severe consequences. 

I pray that it never comes to deadly force, but at this rate it is inevitable. Democrats are well aware of what's going on and if they don't begin truly speaking out and stopping Antifa, then every event, injury, and death will be on the Democrats. 



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