Climate Radicals are Out of Control and They're Going to Get Worse If We Don't Stop Them

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Whether sitting on the road blocking traffic or sitting in a government office writing economy-killing legislation, climate activists are an infection that our society will need to deal with soon. 

Climate activists can best be compared to religious zealots. They will cast off all logic and embrace an extreme view of whatever religion they adhere to. The Church of Climate Change is not an official religion but it is one of the largest faiths on the planet regardless. It has its own saints and holy days, and its martyr is the planet itself, which is going to die any day now I've been told. 

Despite ages going by and each doomsday scenario never coming to fruition, the Climate Church keeps telling us that we're killing the planet, and if we don't reverse course by giving the government full control over the economy, production, and people (or as it's more commonly called; communism) then planet will be stone dead in a moment. 

The planet keeps proving it's fine, but we're just supposed to keep believing the Climate Church that the planet is going to, burn...or whatever the story is now. 

I've seen this bit before, and it was much better performed elsewhere.

Climate activism has infected our society from the top down. Democrats in the federal government often preach the oncoming climate armageddon and make policies based on this alarmism. The green energy push has governments forcing more wind and solar everywhere they can, resulting in the destruction and toxifying of the land. More animals have died as a result of "green energy" than any oil spill could manage, as green energy harms everything that flies, crawls, and swims

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Meanwhile, in the private sector, environmental policies are forced onto corporations through ESG-happy investment firms, resulting in self-regulation that costs the customer more. As was covered by the Washington Examiner, ESG is actually part of why we're suffering from horrendous inflation: 

Will Hild, the executive director of Consumers’ Research, said that the biggest effect of ESG on consumers is being felt in their checkbooks. He said corporate ESG initiatives have added to the high rate of inflation, particularly when it comes to energy costs.

Many companies are pushing net-zero targets, which drive up costs because it makes it more expensive to process their goods, according to Hild.

“What the ESG policies do in terms of the 'E' is to push up energy costs. Energy is a variable in the cost of every good and service in the United States. So any time you’re pushing up energy costs through things like reduced oil discovery and recovery, you are raising costs for consumers,” he told the Washington Examiner.

“It’s hurting consumers at the pocketbook from everywhere from the gas station pump to the grocery store,” Hild said.

If it's harder to put food on your table or keep a roof over your head, you can thank climate activists for that. They might look like politicians, but rest assured, they're just the same climate activists you see marching in the streets and splashing paint on priceless works of art, just with a glam and PR team. 

For a solid look at how radical environmentalism has infected American politics, look no further than Maui where a chunk of the island and its people burned thanks to the island's focus on environmentalism over updating their infrastructure. Even now, Maui's Democrat leaders are blaming global warming for the fire. 

Voting out politicians who make climate activism a core of their governing strategy is important, but while they represent the death of our society by a 1,000 ESG cuts, their foot soldiers on the ground are probably more dangerous in the short term.

You've likely seen environmental groups like Extinction Rebellion and the chaos they get up to. They're the group that poured soup on Van Gogh's Sunflowers. They like to block roads so that people can't drive to their destination. 

They don't even seem to care if the person on the road is in the midst of an emergency.  The group "Just Stop Oil" decided to block a roadway and despite pleas and demands for a mother to move so she could take her baby to a hospital, they refused to budge. 

Like religious zealots, they have no shame, no sense of propriety, and no care in the world for anyone or anything but the enforcement of their religious beliefs. These are not people who can be reasoned with. They're not here to talk it out or come to some kind of compromise. They believe the planet is on the verge of destruction and the capitalist system is to blame. They are a breed of communists that isn't just politically indoctrinated, they worship the small "g" god that is Mother Earth on top of that. 

As covered by Nick Arama earlier today, there's really only one way to deal with them; force. 

There needs to be examples made just like this one that if you do illegal things in the name of climate activism, then the retribution will be swift and unforgiving. You will be made an example of so that more people aren't tempted to find ways to make daddy angry or fill that void in your life with illegal activity that harms other people. 

Because if we don't start setting an example, then this is only going to get worse. Blocking cars on the road is bad enough as it endangers drivers and protesters alike, but as things don't "improve" in the eyes of the climate zealot, things are going to get more intense. 

How intense? Hollywood has the answer. In fact, it seems to be guiding the way in a not-so-subtle fashion. 

Out soon is the movie How to Blow Up a Pipeline...yeah, that's the name of the film. According to the Syndey Morning Herald, it follows a diverse group of environmental activists as they plan to blow up a pipeline in Texas: 

American director Daniel Goldhaber’s film How to Blow Up a Pipeline could hardly be more topical. It follows eight young activists who, believing peaceful protests are no longer enough given the urgency of the climate crisis, decide to disrupt the oil trade by blowing up a Texas pipeline.

It’s an edgy, gripping thriller that plays like a heist movie – a kind of Warming Oceans 11 – as their audacious plan unfolds over 56 hours in the near future of December this year, with flashbacks that show the activists’ motivations.

Among these Gen Z idealists/eco terrorists is a Native American man (Forrest Goodluck) who has been radicalised by threats to his tribal land; a Latina (co-scriptwriter Ariela Barer) who is mourning the sudden death of her mother in a heatwave; and a working-class white man (Jake Weary) who is angry the pipeline has been built on his property.

Eco-terrorism isn't new, and as these climate groups continue to watch as their protesting has no effect and various countries and states crack down on their demonstrations, desperations will rise and far more destructive things will begin happening. Hollywood is already fantasizing about what to do next, and as you can see, it's not peaceful. 

Environmental radicalism has all the ingredients needed to create a very real terrorist, and you may very well see more destructive and deadly actions taken soon. If governments everywhere don't take greater steps to curb the issue then is going to get far uglier. 

The issue is that environmentalism forms the backbone of some governing policies. Vote out these zealots from the government so that we can keep ourselves safe from their footsoldiers. The real doomsday scenario that revolves around climate won't be a global disaster, but one that happens to individuals as these environmentalists go to greater and greater heights to enforce their beliefs. 


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