TikTok's New Viral Feminist Video Is Stupid and Seems to Have a Connection to China

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Perhaps you’ve seen it, perhaps you haven’t, but a TikTok video being shared around the app right now is feminism with a capital “F.” However, some eagle-eyed viewers are noticing that the video has a lot of China’s fingerprints on it, bringing a wholly different conversation to the mix.


The video features a young white girl about to slide her finger into a diamond ring, having just accepted a marriage proposal. As soon as her finger touches the ring, she suddenly gets visions of scrubbing dishes, whipping down mirrors, sweeping floors, and cooking at a stove. When she pulls back, she’s returned to reality. Once again, sliding her finger into the ring, she’s shot into a vision of folding laundry, mopping the floor while pregnant, and taking care of a baby while arguing on the phone.

The message is pretty obvious. Women who get married live a life of servitude and drudgery.

One thing that immediately stands out is…does she not clean her house or fold her laundry as a single woman? Does she not prepare meals for herself? What kind of life is she living as a single woman that doesn’t involve any of that in her day to day?

While being married is hard, the idea that all a wife does all day is cooking and cleaning is an absurd one. Moreover, the idea that the husband does no household chores is also a huge crock. Marriage does take work, and housework does need to be done, but this TikTok is trying to make it seem like this all falls on the wife’s shoulders and that there will be no joy available upon accepting the ring. It’s just work and tedium.


It is, in short, another feminist lie meant to drive men and women further apart. It’s meant to scare women away from the committed relationship, marriage, and ultimately, the nuclear family.

And when I say “meant to,” I mean to say that this “viral video” seems designed.

Some viewers pointed out some interesting things about the video. For one, the hand giving the woman the ring appears to be a woman’s hand, complete with perfectly shaped and filed nails. While that’s not nearly the most important detail, it is funny that the ring being accepted is coming from a woman. Could they not get a man to play his part? Why not?

But the big thing people noticed is that this all appears to be driven by China. For instance, the account that posted this is Chinese and the place where this video takes place seems to be China as well. Given the architecture and design of the home, China seems to literally be behind the video location-wise. Even the people in the background appear to be Chinese.

While it hasn’t been confirmed, people are wondering if this is a video meant to further encourage a divide between men and women by China itself. Given the app is a Chinese-based app that gives different algorithms to different countries, people are ready and willing to believe that this video is an op.

As even covered by 60 Minutes, the TikTok we’re shown vs. the TikTok they’re shown in China is vastly different. China’s TikTok features a lot of STEM talk and patriotism. Meanwhile, in America, there are few limits as to what you can push on it. As 60 Minutes highlights, the youth is being influenced by it drastically. In China, most kids want to be astronauts while in America, surveys show most kids want to be influencers.


The two versions of TikTok were labeled as the “spinach” TikTok in China vs the “crack” TikTok in America.

With TikTok being so widely used in America, it wouldn’t be outside the realm of reality for China to begin introducing videos into America’s circulation that promotes selfishness and division. More than that, it promotes a lack of ambition.

Again, there’s no solid proof that the feminist video is a Chinese op, but conspiracy theories are born in a vacuum and China absolutely is our enemy. In the end, it’s important to watch out for bad influences no matter where they come from and point out the ridiculousness of videos like the one above, not just to kids, but to everyone.



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