ESG Clearly Destroys Businesses So Why Should Businesses Continue to Embrace It?

Anheuser-Busch, Target, and Disney are three of the most boycotted brands in America with a smattering of other corporations having their own businesses pushed into the background for one reason or another. The reason for the boycotts stems from their willingness to push radical leftist politics on everyone, including children.

In Disney’s case, they even accused customers of various social sins whenever they didn’t show up to view their latest regurgitation.

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Despite losing millions, if not billions of dollars, these companies have continued to buckle down on pushing the very thing on the American people that the American people have expressly rejected. While there are a number of issues, one of the most common is the transgender trend. All three corporations share the origins of their boycott with their embrace of the political sickness that is transgenderism. Disney and Target, in particular, attempted to push it on America’s children.

You’d think they’d stop pushing the thing that’s sinking their boat, but they have continued embracing radical leftism without interruption. We don’t have to wonder why. Their business model includes a total adherence to the ESG rules established by investment firms, namely BlackRock, which owns majority stock in almost every major American corporation and then some.

These BlackRock-dominated corporations are obligated to keep up their ESG scores in order to stay in the good graces of these firms. Failing to do so could mean a heap of problems, chief among them being taken off important stock listings and getting sour lending deals. BlackRock’s goal is to “force behaviors” as its CEO, Larry Fink, once said when it comes to his own company. In these corporations’ cases, the goal is to have them become vessels to leftist messaging regarding inclusivity, social justice, and environmentalism.

Some of these corporations are locked in a death loop that they can’t escape. Disobeying BlackRock will, at this point, cripple them to the point of bankruptcy. The thing that once gave them access to riches and power is now killing them. Like Gollum from “Lord of the Rings,” that hates the ring but is still enslaved to its will, these corporations can wish they were released from their obligations all day but at the end of the day, they’re still a dominated company.

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If you’re a corporation currently in the grip of a firm like BlackRock but don’t have any of BlackRock’s goons in a director’s position, a conversation should be had about whether or not your company continues down the ESG path.

ESG is an untriggered bomb sitting at the heart of a company. Perhaps it’s dormant right now, but at some point, it’s going to go off and begin collapsing everything. If Disney can’t withstand the blast, then smaller corporations definitely can’t.

Disobeying BlackRock might reduce your ESG score and have you thrown off investment lists. It might hurt your bottom line and could even force a restructuring of the company…but at least you’d have a company and one that you can build back up under a leadership that actually cares about its well-being.

At this point, it’s pretty clear that these investment firms do not care about the companies they’re investing in. They’re looked at as delivery systems for ideologies that are failures from beginning to end. These ideologies infect and then destroy everything they touch like a parasite or cordyceps fungus.

If a company wants to keep its identity and maintain its relationship with its customers, it has to choose its customers over the benefits these firms claim to give.



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