Rino Hunter


I can unequivocally say now that I’m grateful that Tucker Carlson was fired from Fox News because what we witnessed during the last couple of weeks was long overdue and that never would have happened if Carlson was still chained up to a network slowly slipping into irrelevancy.

More importantly, it gave big-name conservative journalists a road map.

If you’ve been following the news, Carlson spent the better part of the month savaging Republican presidential candidates, and he didn’t do it with quippy name-calling, bad-faith questions, or even the intent to wreck campaigns. He did it with meat and potatoes questions.

Here’s the kicker; I wouldn’t say these questions weren’t unbiased and neutral in the least, but the position from which these questions were asked is one that should be asked by any journalist worth their salt. This is the position of putting America first.

Not a political party. The United States of America.

The moments Carlson brought forth truly highlighted how Republicans have lost the plot in many ways and that their concerns don’t necessarily line up with putting Americans first, but sections of the Republican Party at the front.

The interview with former VP Mike Pence was as telling as it was brutal. Pence seemed to get hung up on empowering Ukraine to which Carlson, ever the Ukraine war critic, made Pence answer as to why he’s so obsessed with the condition of a country overseas when the condition of his own country is in a very serious decline. This was just the most popular of the disastrous moments for Pence, of which Carlson created many just by asking simple and direct questions that kept America at the forefront of concerns.

Tim Scott, who faired a bit better, also had some very cringe-worthy moments as well, with Tucker making him buckle down and answer questions Scott would rather have danced around.

Asa Hutchinson got a pretty bad shellacking when Carlson dragged him into the light on his position on hormone therapy and gender reassignment surgery for kids if the parents say it’s okay.

Chris Christie, who didn’t dare sit in front of Carlson, attempted to lob bombs at him from a distance, but distance didn’t save the former New Jersey governor as Carlson suggested that Christie feels safer talking to the corporate media who famously hates Republicans, than sit down and answer tough questions that Republican voters would like answered.

One thing is for sure. Tucker Carlson is a frightening person if you’re a Republican politician. He’s going to put you through the wringer and you’re going to get uncomfortable, but the bottom line is that if you can’t handle sitting in a chair across from Carlson while Republican voters look on, then you have no business sitting behind the Resolute Desk on the goodwill of those same Republican voters.

The GOP has a RINO problem. We have too many officials who look less like America-first politicians who actually care about the people and support the American dream and look more like Democrat-lite bureaucrats. Republicans have increasingly lost faith in the GOP and instead of confidence, Republican voters are consistently suspicious.

Carlson is putting those suspicions to rest. He’s confirming what you might already know but wanted others to see as well. He’s ending presidential aspirations of the unworthy with a simple conversation. He’s halting the RINOs from plaguing you further where he can.

The thing is, I think every Republican politician should get the same treatment that Carlson gave these candidates. Even the most ardent America-loving Republican can still be infected by the DC culture. Slowly but surely they can become a bit out of step and lose touch with the American people. Carlson’s brand of America-first journalism isn’t just a way to reveal the minds of politicians, it’s a dose of reality to whoever he’s talking to.

Republican politicians who seek to avoid Carlson from here on do themselves no favors. Those who do try to get away from him, like Christie, expose themselves as being afraid that their lack of America-first principles will be found out. Republican candidates, and even politicians currently in office, should actually seek Carlson out and have their worthiness tested and their ideas made available to be weighed and measured.

If they aren’t up to snuff according to the voter, then you were never meant for the office anyway, and if the Republican truly believes that the well-being of our country and her people is what truly matters, then they’ll accept that and walk away.


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