They Must Destroy All That Is Good and Substantial for the 'Betterment' of Society

FILE - In this 1967, J.R.R. Tolkien. author of "The Lord of the Rings" and an Oxford University Professor, is shown. (AP Photo, file)

Readers will know that I’m a massive fan of J.R.R Tolkien and while I wouldn’t go so far as to call myself a “Tolkien scholar” as CNN did, I do have a pretty firm grasp of who Tolkien was, what his writing style feels like, and the themes that he attempted to relate in his books.

Perhaps you’re like me and have Tolkien’s books ready to read at your house or listen to them on audiobook on long trips. Perhaps, like many, you’re a fan of the Peter Jackson trilogy which, while nowhere near a one-to-one adaption, still managed to capture the essence of Tolkien on screen.

We’re fans of Tolkien because he had the ability to send us to a place we’d never been yet seemed familiar enough to us, and there he put us into the midst of one of the most epic adventures we’d ever experienced. He gave us a world that was so detailed and fleshed out that it felt like a living, breathing place. Middle-Earth and the characters who resided within it left such a deep impression that it had been inspiring people for decades.

It is, without a doubt, one of the Western world’s most important and defining creations…and that’s why the left must destroy it.

As many of you know, Amazon Prime created a series called “The Rings of Power,” a show that I refuse to associate with Tolkien despite Amazon creating the show based on the limited rights they had, most of which concerned “The Silmarillion.”

The show was nothing short of awful. Everything about it was horrible from the writing to the acting, and even the costume designs. Only the set pieces truly felt like real attention was given to them, but even that relied so heavily on nostalgia for Peter Jackson’s movies. However, what truly killed the show was the introduction of too much modernity. The women were the most powerful influencers throughout the show while the men played second fiddle. They even turned Sauron into a simp for Galadriel, making her refusal to be his queen the reason for his resorting to evil.

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It was pathetic and lazy, but most of all it was insulting. It was insulting to fans of Tolkien’s writing and most of all, it was insulting to Tolkien himself. As I had made clear, the bastardization of Tolkien’s work was always intentional. Tolkien’s work represents a piece of Western culture that highlights the values of freedom, independence, substance, bravery, virtues, and goodness.

The left can’t have that. They want future generations to see the West as a place of racism, bigotry, cowardice, and evil. As such, Tolkien’s work must be corrupted.

This was more or less admitted to by one of its cast members recently. As Bounding Into Comics highlighted, Cynthia Addai-Robinson, the actress that plays Míriel, openly confessed the show is attempting to redefine Tolkien for those who had never been introduced to him before:

She then boldly asserted, “To be part of creating accessibility for generations to come. For new generations this is their version of Tolkien, this is what my daughter will see of Tolkien’s works.”

“It’s their time and it’s so important and I hope many people will see this fantasy and be able to relate to it,” she continued. ” This is a reflection of the world we live in, there are many and we are different and we will embrace and discover, and peel back, and learn, and educate, and be educated.”

“And we can only do that when we embrace and love our differences,” she added.

Their excuse is that Tolkien was actually a narrow-minded man whose racism came through in his writing. They see Lord of the Rings as a series of books that celebrate white people and demonize everyone else. They don’t think Tolkien, a man whose magnum opus was the culmination of races putting aside their differences to unite against a great evil, was very inclusive.

So they insult the man by corrupting his works, misrepresenting who he was, and taking what he had made and repurposing it for their own socio-political gain.

How often have you seen this happen lately? You saw it happen with Star Wars, Marvel, and Wheel of Time, and according to reports, it’s going to happen to Narnia as well.

They have to deconstruct and reassemble the works of better people in their image in order to redefine our culture. Their ideas and positions wouldn’t sell by themselves, so they have to rewrite it all. They’ll strip out all the goodness, the substance, and the passion, and replace it with hollow, languid, falsehoods that strip the Western people of their identity and their pride.

They do this because they think they can make a better society. They think they can make you better based on their visions given to them by people who hate you.

Reject them and their ideas. Break them financially. Keep your identity.


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