The Great Ideological Migration: Leftists Are Drifting Toward the Center

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It didn’t start with Tulsi Gabbard, but the Hawaii Rep’s departure from the left and her journey back to the political center was the most notable on a national scale. During the 2020 Democrat primary, Gabbard found herself on the receiving end of hate from her own party for exposing one of the most hypocritical and corrupt people running for office, Kamala Harris. The only trouble is that the DNC liked Harris, and so the destruction of Gabbard had to begin.

Gabbard found herself pushed rightward and while she never adopted the title of “Republican,” she sure began sounding quite a bit like someone whom you wouldn’t find in the Democrat Party.

The fact is, many of the people who now influence the right were once on the left. It’s a phenomenon that happens every so often, but you’ll notice it happens quite a bit during high-activity moments in our culture. It’s usually an election season or a societal event that tosses out red pills like candy, such as the pandemic measures by states.

Gabbard was following the path many had already treaded before her such as Dave Rubin, Elon Musk, and Tim Pool. While some of these names still don’t consider themselves Republicans or conservatives, they’re definitely no longer what would qualify today as leftists or Democrats.

We’re seeing something very similar happening in various ways right now. Much of it is low profile. A bad economy spurs voting habits to change all the time, but this bad economy is being accompanied by a cultural blitzkrieg by the radical left and the destruction and chaos in its wake is causing even more people to wake up.

For instance, as I previously reported, the radical left’s attempts to intimidate and punish people for playing the video game “Hogwarts Legacy” caused a mass of people to turn against the hard left, causing that video game’s sales to skyrocket through the roof, prompting the green light for a sequel immediately and even influencing HBO to reboot the Harry Potter books as a series with J.K. Rowling attached.

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You can gauge just how horrible the left is being by how many leftists are abandoning ship, or perhaps, how many people are being abandoned by the ship itself. As Reagan once said about his departure from the left, he didn’t leave the party, the party left him. But while it’s great to see so many people distancing themselves from the left, the everyday person is a soft gauge. You can really tell how bad it is by the red pilling of its most ardent defenders.

Enter Ana Kasparian.

You may know Kasparian as the co-host of the hard-leftist show “The Young Turks” alongside the radical blowhard Cenk Uygur. Kasparian isn’t popular for her sensible takes. In fact, some of the things she’s said in the past have been so far out of left field that it makes the women of “The View” look tame by comparison.

But for all her leftism, Kasparian was prone to a certain leftist sin; talking with the right. As I wrote in an article at the end of last year, Kasparian actually went so far as to sit down and find common ground with Ben Shapiro, a sin that she’s not lived down.

But lately, something has happened to Kasparian. She’s beginning to adopt some very interesting perspectives that her former viewers would label as “far right.” For instance, lately the TYT co-host has stood up and defended one of the most devilish or right-wing devils, Kyle Rittenhouse.

In a recent interview on the Sitch and Adam Show, Kasparian admitted that if she were in Rittenhouse’s position she’d have done the exact same thing. As you can imagine, this hasn’t gone over well with the left.

In the video, Kasparian noted that once you really look at the video that was taken of Rittenhouse and his actions that fateful night during a BLM protest, saying he didn’t act in self-defense is hard to prove.

“And once you see it for yourself, its really really difficult to argue that in those moments, he was not acting in self-defense,” Kasparian said nine minutes into the livestream.

Kasparian notes that people like Cenk believe that Rittenhouse didn’t have to shoot to kill, but Kasparian admits that if it was her, she would have shot to kill as well.

“But to him, he just couldn’t, he just disagrees about it being self-defense, he thinks like [Rittenhouse] didn’t need to like shoot the gun, he didn’t need to kill people. I hear you, I wish it didn’t end that way, but if I were in his shoes, I would’ve done the same thing.”

People are asking what’s inspiring Kasparian’s drift toward the center. There are two big reasons.

Firstly, it begins with the left’s radicalism being too heavy for people to carry. At some point, a line is going to be crossed for someone, and an awakening may occur. It begins as a spark but it’s soon blown into a flame as the left continues to radicalize itself into insanity.

Secondly, if someone begins drifting toward the center then they’re going to be pushed further to the right by the left. You’re not allowed to question the narrative and you’re not allowed to glance outside the bubble. Doing so will result in the left turning on you at lightning speed. Like Rubin, Pool, and Gabbard before her, Kasparian is experiencing an ousting that’s throwing her directly into the camp of people she once claimed were her enemy.

Kasparian went from being a die-hard leftist to a person questioning everything and finding herself becoming more friendly with the right. It’s not the first time, and given the left’s penchant for taking things to their ultimate ends, it won’t be the last.



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