The LGBT Community Is Learning That "Separation of Church and State" Goes Two Ways

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

People think that the LGBT flag is one that represents the LGBT community. That’s not true. It’s a flag that represents the LGBT activist community, which is a separate entity. At least the entirety of the LGBT community is gay. The activist community is a group of politically minded people that may contain members of the LGBT community within it.

That’s why when you see pictures like the LGBT flag hanging between two American flags from the White House balcony, you should understand that this isn’t a celebration of freedom or love, it’s the displaying of a political movement that has taken power over our nation.

The LGBT flag is the flag of a conquerer, not a representation of a community.

More accurately, it’s a flag of a religious conquering force. Like perverted little religious extremists, LGBT activists are zealots willing to seize power however they can and punish infidels wherever they find them. They will infiltrate and indoctrinate who they can, and punish and intimidate everyone they can’t.

When you look at the number of killings done by the LGBT activist community over the course of the past handful of years, you can easily say that LGBT activism is the most violent religion in America at this time.

But not everyone belongs to that religion and no one should be forced to celebrate it. The LGBT activist community believes that you should be forced to do so, and the proof of that can be seen in the way it strongarms corporations and politicians into participating and openly embracing LGBT activism.

At some point, that kind of religiosity is going to rub everyone the wrong way and it has to be stopped. As my colleague Britanny Sheehan reported, that’s exactly what one town did:

On Tuesday, in a well-attended and contentious public meeting, a Detroit-area community implemented a ban on LGBTQ+ pride flags from publicly owned poles. The Hamtramck City Council is made up of all Muslim members, several of whom voiced their concerns that the pride flag contradicts their religious beliefs. Displays of the flag are still permissible on privately held property such as businesses and homes.

The measure, titled Resolution to Maintain and Confirm the Neutrality of the City of Hamtramck Towards Its Residentsstates that the City does not want to open the door for radical or racist groups to ask for their flags to be flown.

This is the attitude that should be taken. It’s pure neutrality in the face of a social blitzkrieg containing extremists pushing immoral agendas on the people, including their children.

The LGBT activist community doesn’t have the right to have their flag flown over U.S. government property, and if a local town says it’s a no from them, dog, then it’s not going to happen.

Nor should it. This is the flag of a political group. It’s not a flag that honors our country or our fallen or missing soldiers. The LGBT activist flag is a flag that celebrates a specific kind of sex and increasingly represents the attempt to drag children into a sexual lifestyle.

The American people have every right to refuse to celebrate that kind of disgusting nonsense, especially at the local level. If the LGBT activists are angry with these Muslim people for rejecting the flag of conquerors, then perhaps they should start doing what they demand everyone start doing, which is stop pushing their religious beliefs on everyone else.

Most Americans don’t want to see it, and they do themselves no favors by demanding we embrace and celebrate along with them…or else.

They wanted a separation from church and state adhered to, but this also applies to them.



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