Happy Pride Month, Target

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One can’t serve two masters, but corporations give it their best shot every June when Pride Month rolls around. Most Americans were content to merely grumble about Target’s rainbow-colored virtue signal whenever it came time for the retail chain to pretend it cared about people who get it on with people who have the same plumbing as them, but then the LGBT movement decided it needed to start involving children in their kink.

Target bent the knee, and Americans readied the ol’ beheader.

As Nick Arama reported on Friday, Target’s stock went from “overweight” to “neutral” by JP Morgan which slashed the stock from $182 to $144.

JPMorgan said:

We continue to believe that the consumer is broadly weakening while the share of wallet shift away from goods… Target has been giving back [market] share on a one-year view and we believe this share loss could accelerate into back to school and linger into holiday given consumer pressures and recent company controversies.

But this isn’t the only problem Target is now facing. The store’s commitment to LGBT representation and virtue signaling, then sudden pullback of it once their bottom line was threatened has both sides of the aisle not angry with it.

Americans had already been angry over their attempt to sell LGBT clothing, to children and women’s swimsuits with a “tuck” feature, but once that anger caused Target to withdraw some of its merchandise designed by a proud Satanist—and do some of its own “tucking” with the LGBT displays to the back of the store, now their LGBT employees are also feeling like Target doesn’t care.

Quick side note: They don’t, and America needs to realize sooner than later that corporations care about their bottom line and little else.

According to Fox News, Target seems to have angered employees on both the right and the left now:

The Target insider, who has spent nearly two decades at company, previously told Fox News Digital that the retail juggernaut was taking steps to avoid a “Bud Light situation” after LGBTQ Pride merchandise infuriated some customers. Target then confirmed “adjustments” were made to some in-store Pride displays with some items being removed altogether.

“Whether you’re on the right, and you felt left behind in the beginning or you felt like you didn’t belong, and now if you’re LGTBQ you also have questions if you’re welcomed anymore,” the insider said. “It’s the first time in our company’s history that they question Target’s commitment to that.”

The insider, who is devastated that innocent staffers have been forced to defend the big-box store from angry customers on both sides of the issue, said employees inside Target stores have nothing to do with the decisions and protesting “will get you nowhere.”

Target can’t please everyone, but perhaps it should have started with not trying to please a very small group of people who are represented by an activist community that is never pleased with anything by design.

While I feel for Target’s employees for having to deal with customer anger over the corporation’s decisions, the corporation deserves the backlash it’s getting, and more corporations should take note.

Do not virtue signal because eventually, your mettle will be put to the test and you will likely fail. Do not assign yourselves sides within contentious issues. Do not engage with radical politics, especially when that radicalism is backed by radical activists.

There are very few industries that can get away with or benefit from defying one side of the political aisle, but Target is not one of those brands. It is a very large American company staffed by Americans and patronized by Americans who are more diverse in thought than they are in identity. It was a mistake to take a side on an issue as divisive as this because eventually, when things got too hot and customers began walking away, they would be forced to walk it back; and once you walk back your position on a radical issue, you look like a fraud.

But that’s the lesson everyone should pull from this. Corporations that engage in social issues are, by majority, frauds. They don’t actually care about the issues they say they do. They don’t have a real interest in this cause or that cause, just what that cause can net them in terms of extra customer interaction and good PR.

The next time these organizations paint their logos to match the cause of the day, just know that the people that the cause is trying to represent are being used. At this time, no one is being used more than the LGBT community, and corporations are paying for it. Corporations like Target.

And they’re burning for their fakeness.

Happy Pride Month, Target.


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