You Get What You Vote For

Townhall Media/Katie Pavlich

As much as Democrats love to hide their true intentions by saying one thing before they do another, they quite often tell you exactly how they want to make your life harder. They often couch this in terms of complicating matters for the sake of humanity, but in the end, their only concern is their agenda, their power, and the destruction of whatever they oppose.

Flooding the country with illegal immigrants is definitely something on their list. For years, border states have dealt with this problem, tackling the thousands and thousands of immigrants that daily attempt to storm their way into the country. During the Trump presidency, this was an issue that was minimized to the greatest extent possible thanks to solid border policies, the building of a wall, and an empowered border patrol.

This has all been eroded under the Biden administration, which sought to punish the border patrol agents for just doing their jobs more than the illegal immigrants who have actually broken laws.

A lot of the blue states north of the border have never had to contend with this issue. In fact, as red states on the border struggled to stop the tide of illegal immigrants into the nation, including drug dealers, cartel members, criminals of every variety, coyotes, and kidnappers, blue states sneered in their direction and accused them of being inhumane, racist, and xenophobic.

But it’s easy to virtue signal when all you have to do to show your virtue is to signal it. When the problem shows up at the doorstep of those touting their high morality, you’d be surprised at how fast the signaling stops. In fact, as Bonchie noted earlier, Chicago residents are now sounding a whole hell of a lot like the residents in Texas when they learned a mere 250 to 500 illegal immigrants would be showing up in their neighborhoods soon:

A Chicago-area town hall erupted into chaos recently after South Shore leaders announced that they would be receiving just 250 to 500 illegal immigrants at a local facility. Residents launched into apoplectic rage, demanding to know why they weren’t consulted. In another instance, a local alderwoman proclaimed to cheers that Chicago’s broader emergency doesn’t denote an emergency for their community, a clear message of “not in my backyard.”

As the Twitter account End Wokeness posted, the South Shore of Chicago votes for these caring and humanitarian Democrats by such a large degree that a spec of red can hardly be seen, if at all. Yet, here they are sounding genuinely concerned about their neighborhoods over the intrusion of illegal aliens.

Should they be worried? Absolutely. Illegal immigration and rising crime rates go hand in hand.

But if you run your mouth enough, at some point you’re going to have to put your money there. Humanitarianism, no matter its form, comes at a cost of some kind. It wouldn’t be a charity if it didn’t. Democrats love charity, but only at another’s cost. That way they can pretend they’re the virtuous party while taking everything and giving nothing away themselves.

That’s the nature of the virtue signaler, and when you vote for a virtue signaler, eventually they’re going to signal their virtue with your time, your money, your safety, and your freedom.

You get what you vote for.

The funny thing about Democrat voters is that most are Democrat voters because they were either born into that world or they have been pushed there thanks to the culture around them. The one thing that creates Republicans more than anything is reality hitting them like a ton of bricks.

Chicago is getting hit with reality, but perhaps not hard enough. They’ll probably go on voting Democrat because that’s the culture of that area. The same can be said of California and New York. They’ll continue to vote themselves into more and more misfortune while they complain about the wrongs being done to them. They’re going to get what they voted for—and they’ll deserve it.

The good news is that the pendulum always swings back, and nothing lasts forever. Some places will learn their Democrat overlords don’t actually care about them faster than others, and some might not learn it until the return of Christ, may he come back soon.

In the meantime, the rest of us can point to these instances and show everyone just what happens when you vote for the people only claiming to be charitable and virtuous.



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