UFOs Are out There, but We're Looking in the Wrong Direction in Our Search for Them


Let’s take a break from the never-ending socio-political events of the day and focus on something that we should probably be talking about a lot more, but aren’t.

A lot is being made of UFOs right now and for good reason. Not only are sightings beginning to increase, but our own government is also revealing that they have unanswered questions. While not every sighting or claim of one is beyond explanation, there are many that absolutely are.

The idea that UFOs could exist has become a point of contention among the populace, so much so that the question of UFOs is often ignored. There are, for all intents and purposes, more important things to focus on right now on terra firma, and besides, the idea of aliens coming to visit Earth is pretty far-fetched when you really get down to it.

Personally, I believe there is intelligent life out there, I just don’t think that intelligent life has found its way here. That said, I 100% believe that we’re currently seeing an “alien” presence.

How do I square these two beliefs?

Well, for one, I don’t think alien life could be here from outer space for logical reasons. Assuming alien life grows on a different planet as it did on Earth, they would have needed to develop at a far faster pace and develop spacefaring tech that allows for an extended time in space. And when I say “extended time,” I mean hundreds and hundreds of years. Space isn’t like the movies. It takes a very long time to traverse the black. This would require massive ships equipped with hibernation/stasis tech, intense shielding against the hazards of space, artificial gravity, and the ability to produce sustenance.

Assuming they have all this, they would have then had an arguably harder task; locating us.

Sci-fi author Cixin Liu, writer of the incredible book “Three-Body Problem” (a series soon coming to Netflix) presented the idea of comparing space to a “dark forest,” in which we reside. The idea of this dark forest is that each species within it does its best to stay hidden for fear of the other creatures residing in it that it can’t see or hear, and for their own safety, each can assume that the other creatures within have less than friendly intent.

The argument has three points to support the “dark forest” theory.

  • Life’s primary desire is to keep living
  • It’s unknown if the other life in the forest has the ability and desire to destroy you if given the chance.
  • With these unknowns, the safest bet for any species to stay alive is to annihilate any other life before it has the ability to do the same.

While it may be possible that other civilizations may want to have peaceful resolutions as we do, that’s not guaranteed or even likely. Even if one civilization wishes for peace, another might not and seek to destroy whatever it finds. The safest bet is the complete annihilation of the other, as a homeowner might wholly destroy a roach colony. As such, the safest thing to do is to stay quiet and not give away your position, but kill whatever you find.

We Terrans haven’t been so quiet. We’ve been putting out radio waves and messages written on plaques into space for decades. That said, even if someone in the forest received our messages, it would take them a very, very long time to get here to destroy us. In that time, we may have very well developed our technology to such a degree that we’ve either matched or surpassed the enemy’s.

There are a lot of risk factors associated with alien contact, and unless our alien opposites have mastered a method of travel that allows them to reach speeds faster than light or the creation of wormholes, then chances of an alien race from outer space being here are incredibly slim.

Here’s the kicker.

What if there are advanced beings here, but they aren’t aliens? There definitely are UFOs that do nigh-impossible things that have been recorded. Even our government has admitted that these things exist and can’t currently be explained.

The more realistic explanation consists of looking down, not up.

This idea has been presented in many ways, but it was Tucker Carlson himself who truly started bringing up the fact that these UFOs seem to have a strong connection to the sea. Footage has been released of these crafts emerging from or retreating back into the water.

Carlson discussed this in detail on “Full Send Podcast,” where he made it clear he’s no conspiracy theorist but he’s seen too much information and evidence not to believe in UFOs. Watch the clip for yourself, where he details some of the info he’s come across, including a tenured Stanford medical school professor’s story about hundreds of people killed by UFOs. There are also crafts that have indeed been shot down that are currently held by the DOD and defense contractors.

Carlson also brings up the fact that these craft aren’t coming from space, but from the ocean. Reports of these impossible underwater craft have been documented, and even appeared as reports in the New York Times.

If their origin is from the ocean, then we have some questions to consider.

Are they an alien species from space that have made a base in the depths of the ocean and are using that as a staging ground for their study of us? It’s possible, but not probable. Again, we’re talking about traversing vast distances for hundreds of years, and hundreds of years ago, we weren’t throwing radio waves into space in order for them to zero in on and locate us. We were quiet by default in the forest. These aliens would have had to have gotten very lucky a long, long time ago.

Then there’s the other, more likely scenario; they aren’t aliens at all. At least not in planetary terms. They’re from here, just not the surface.

We are woefully ignorant of what’s in the deepest depths of our oceans and moreover, we have no idea if there’s anything below that, such as vast cave systems. While I have no evidence that any of that exists, what I do know is that every time we venture deeper, we find something new.

The ocean is deep and massive. Any number of things could be hiding in the blue, including a civilization.

All of this is simply guesswork, but at this point, it’s hard to deny that there are other intelligent beings among us. Whether they’re above or below is still a mystery hanging in the air. A lot of factors could play into their presence here, including ones that humans haven’t fully realized yet.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.


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