The Public Education System Is Creating the People Who Want to Bring It Down

AP Photo/John Minchillo

Loyal readers of mine will no doubt be well aware of my prejudice against the public education system. While I know teachers who truly care and are good at their jobs, the system is so corrupt, politicized, and filled with activists posing as educators that sending your child to a public school is a roll of the dice.

When I was a child in the 5th grade, schools began pushing the idea that Attention Deficit Disorder was a huge problem for children and the only solution was to begin pushing pills down their throat that would help them deal with this problem. As I wrote previously, I was caught up in this craze which, as it turned out, was a way for schools and pharmaceutical companies to make bank:

If my parents knew then what I knew now, they’d tell them to shove those pills up improper places and leave their child alone. They would tell them that I don’t have a disorder, I have a condition called “being a boy” and sitting still and listening to lectures isn’t really something male children are particularly good at.

It was much later in life that I found the truth. While my school was having that conversation with my parents, schools around the nation were also having that same conversation with other parents. The Ritalin craze had hit the United States, and the reason it had hit was easy to figure out. Doctors and schools were getting kickbacks for putting kids on it. Educational facilities had become drug pushers. The use of methylphenidate had skyrocketed. Schools were pushing Vitamin R on concerned parents under the guise of helpfulness but it was really just about money.

It was a solid example of just how dangerous modern schools could be for your child. They aren’t looking out for their health and well-being, just their bottom line.

The grift continues today. Drugs that alter a child’s behavior are a multi-billion dollar market that has side effects not often spoken about. One of the main side effects, however, is that it makes big pharma very wealthy.

I’m not the only person who’s still bitter about having drugs shoved down my throat so an executive I’ll never meet could buy a boat. Today’s parents have to deal with all sorts of terror in public schools. There is, of course, the ridiculousness of the school’s “gun-free zone” that continues to be an issue that gets kids killed.

But you also have an issue with woke activists posing as teachers, attempting to indoctrinate your child. It’s an issue that has taught many a parent to homeschool their children. In fact, homeschooling is skyrocketing throughout the country. So pervasive is homeschooling becoming that even mainstream artists and influencers are going that route, themselves having had their own hard times while attending public school.

Teacher’s unions go above and beyond to bend everything to their will from schools to the politicians, and even the parents. It was teacher’s unions who wanted to mask small children and force vaccines on them. It’s teacher’s unions that go above and beyond to force leftist radicalism down the throats of any child they come across.

With all of this happening within the public school sphere, the question has to be asked about how much longer America will tolerate supporting such an institution. So many, myself included, have lost hope in the idea that it’s a net gain for society and worth putting more taxes toward. If a bill could be passed tomorrow that would lower taxes so that parents could afford homeschooling for their child, it would likely receive wide support with only the teacher’s unions coming out in force to protest it.

Especially in an age of technological development opening up new opportunities for education, the public school is just one more innovation away from becoming obsolete.

The public school is making itself less and less relevant or wanted. It’s dangerous in more ways than one, and its abuse of students with drugs and radical politics is truly creating a country that would love for nothing more than to see it either fundamentally change or perish into ashes.


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