There's Only One Way the Gun Control Push Ends

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The undeniable fact about Americans is that rebellion runs deep within their blood. Our nation was founded on a revolutionary act that involved a violent revolt against tyranny.

You might be asking yourself how that opinion tracks given the presence of leftists ready and willing to bend the knee and become good little socialists and communists. That’s easy to answer. Look at how the left couches these concepts. It’s always thought about in terms of rebellion against an unfair system that oppresses the oppressed. It’s rebellion against the rebellion.

The thing about American rebelliousness is that the OG rebels weren’t wholly blinded by their revolution. They were calculating and logical. They were true believers, but they weren’t stupid. As such, they recognized the God-given right of the citizens to rebel when necessary and in effective ways.

The most effective way is to resort to necessary violence. It’s a last resort, but it’s something that should be resorted to if things get pushed too far.

Today’s Democrats love to sell people the idea that guns are to blame for a lot of the violence we see in America. The media breathlessly covers every shooting that happens, but only those outside of a blue city where triggers are pulled constantly and narratives become complicated.

The ultimate goal of the United States of America is freedom and the keeping of that freedom. If I’m being wholly honest, we haven’t been especially good at stopping the inevitable slide toward dictatorship, as hard as many do try.

It was, perhaps, a logical end for the United States to slide into tyranny. As Thomas Jefferson said; “The natural progress of things is for the government to gain ground and for liberty to yield.” The wisdom of the founders gave them foresight, born from history lessons of their own.

With every shooting that the left overpublicizes and parades in front of the people, the tyrannical build their case for the seizure or, at the very least, the limitation of firearms for the people. Don’t be fooled by talk of a rule here and a ban there. The end goal is the elimination of firearms from the populace, with the ultimate goal being the conquering of the American people.

Conquering might not look like it does in the movies, with men being slaughtered and women and children being carted off in chains. Modern conquering looks a lot like overt government control of businesses and healthcare through regulations and rationing. It looks like the police showing up at your door and carting you off for a tweet someone in a government building didn’t like. It’s social credit systems and mandatory state indoctrination of your children.

But first, the guns have to go because they know so long as the people have them, then conquering is going to be incredibly difficult. It will be incredibly difficult because Americans will not submit quietly to this kind of overt control.

Democrats will likely attempt to find sneaky ways to ban guns or limit who can purchase them and how they can be purchased. They will work through banks and credit card companies. They will send government agents to intimidate. They will weaponize government agencies like the IRS against gun owners.

Eventually, authorities will show up at someone’s front door demanding they hand over their firearms for one reason or another. Maybe they won’t have trouble with the first house. Maybe they won’t with the second. At some point, though, the wrong house is going to be approached and a bloodbath will ensue.

As Louisiana Congressman Clay Higgins said last year, Democrats are setting Americans up for death, and the battle for America’s future will be moved out of the courts and to the front porches of the people.

The blood will be on the hands of the Democrats who wanted authority over the people so badly that they would risk open war with the people. Because war is the only way this ends.

I recommend you watch this speech in its entirety.

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