Witness How Reality Denial Is Key to the Social Justice Leftist

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Like me, when you were a kid you probably frustrated your parents who spent hundreds of dollars on toys only to watch as I became interested in a basic big cardboard box. What’s enchanting about the cardboard box is that it allows a child’s versatile and imaginative mind to make it into anything he or she needs it to be. It can be a house, a fighter jet, a car, a rocket ship, a submarine, or a cave.

For some reason, the box inspires a kid to let their imagination run wild to the point where they’re almost fully immersed in the game they’re playing. Personally, I loved pretending the box was a fighter jet and while outwardly I was making sounds and explosion noises, in my head I really was dogfighting with the bad guys.

At some point, I climbed out of the box and never went back in. Reality called, and getting older means living in it more than your own fantasy world.

However, it’s pretty clear there were quite a few people who never left the box, and I can see why to an extent.

Imagine if everyone around you told you that the box you were in really was a rocket ship and that you truly were an astronaut. They continued to tell you this will into adulthood and anyone who tried to tell you differently was punished in some way. Imagine when you flipped on the television, everyone from the news to the elected officials told you that you and your ship were brave and heroic. Your professors wanted to make entire lessons around your cardboard box rocket ship and astronautic exploits. You won awards for your work in space flight.

This is the sad fact about much of the social justice community. They are flying their cardboard box around and believing they’re space explorers as everyone tells them they truly are what they are pretending to be.

Sadly, no matter how much logic and reality you introduce into their fantasy, they will continue to believe they are what they think they are.

Take, for instance, this interaction between Matt Walsh and a transgender EMT. The EMT, a biological male, believes fully that he is a woman and that he’s justified in this belief because biological researchers told him so. Walsh, after telling her that these biologists are “full of sh**” engages in a logical experiment with the man.

Walsh asks him if he, as an EMT, responded to a call where a biological man claims he was having a miscarriage during a medical emergency if he would consider that a possibility for the issue and check for it. The trans person freezes but after a time is forced to answer “no,” but continues to justify his position by claiming some women can’t get pregnant. Meaning if there are women who can’t get pregnant but are still women, then men can be women too.

The trans person thinks he’s got Walsh cornered and asks him how they can still be women by his position, and Walsh brilliantly counters by saying that humans are two-legged creatures, but if someone was born with one leg that doesn’t stop humanity from being a two-legged species.

“A person being born with one leg doesn’t mean that now legs are on a spectrum and we can’t say anything at all about how many legs a person has,” said Walsh.

“Who knows? They could be a centipede!” Walsh mocked. “They could have a hundred legs!”

Walsh finishes by saying that humans have two legs and if someone is born without one, then something went wrong. Through this, he explains the nature of humanity, and thus, the nature of a woman to get pregnant even if she can’t due to some issue.

This is inescapable logic. Walsh, love him or hate him, made an argument that cannot be denied.

Yet, watch the reaction of the transgender person after Walsh finishes his line of thinking. He shrugs and walks away without a word. Do you think his mind was changed?

Not even a little bit.

He likely crawled back into his cardboard box and blasted back off into space. This moment will be dismissed by him and his fellow transgenders as a product of transphobia and not worth thinking any more about. They will continue to make the same arguments for their identities in spite of the fact that they personally bore witness to their argument being destroyed by pure logic.

So what’s the point of arguing with them?

Consider this: The point isn’t the argument with them, it’s the people bearing witness to it.

Minds and hearts are changed, won, and lost every day. While many are unlikely to even listen to Walsh, they might listen to you. One logical conversation can be enough to change a mind if not plant a seed that will eventually alter someone’s thinking.

It’s a slow and steady process but sometimes slow and steady is the only way to win the race. Eventually, one mind becomes two, two becomes four, and four becomes eight, etc., etc.

The slow turn of every community, be it black, gay, or female, from the unreasonable, irrational left is happening and it’s because people bore witness to little moments of logic and reality being introduced to those who frustratingly refuse it.



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