Hate Has a Purpose

Growing up in the 90s and spending my early adult years in the aughts, I was consistently hammered with the message that hate has no place in a civilized society. Organizations like “No H8” were incredibly popular and everywhere you heard the terms “hate speech” and “hate groups” with such frequency that some people were convinced a white-robed KKK member was going to jump out at them from every bush they passed by.

Not much has changed.

My generation was inundated with a deep resistance to “hate” of all kinds. If you hated something that the mainstream was good with, then you were evil and deserving of ostracization. If you slightly disagreed with popular culture’s take on a “current thing” then you must be a hateful bigot.

Once that “hate” label was slapped on you, it didn’t come off. It was a modern scarlet letter.

But I’m here to tell you that hate has a place in society and even in your heart. Hate is not evil by itself. Like a gun, it’s much like a tool that can be wielded for good or evil, and the morality of its use is based on what purpose it’s used. In fact, it’s my honest opinion — and as a Christian man no less — that our society could use a bit more hate, but we need to understand how and where to direct that hate.

Let’s take, for instance, one of the worst people in western society. You may have never heard of him or just heard of him in passing on social media but never truly dove into who he is.

Jeffery Marsh is a “gender fluid” TikTok influencer who has a very bad habit of attempting to lure kids away from their parents in order to indoctrinate and groom them. He does this in broad daylight under the guise of wanting to create a safe and open space for youngsters who are questioning their identity or have embraced the transgender lifestyle.

Marsh is an evil man and his evil was being exposed by a TikTok user named Shamirun Nessa before Marsh’s defenders, the woke/transgender mob, came for her and began directly threatening her children by doxxing them and displaying their daily schedules, school locations, etc.

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Everything surrounding Marsh is evil, from his goals to his allies. Do I hate this man?

I want to, but that’s not what I’m called to do by God. I’m commanded to love my fellow man but hate the sin he commits. Marsh is clearly a confused, troubled, and lost man. He believes he’s something he’s not and, like most people who suffer from his affliction, it makes him miserable. His misery makes him hateful and spiteful, and so what better way to scratch his miserable itch than giving himself the company of the children of those whom he hates and blames for making him miserable?

He hates you. You who are secure in your identity and see him for what he really is; a weak mind and a failed man. You, who may worship a savior he despises, and built a family he can never have based on the teachings of that savior he hates. You, who doesn’t buy into the lifestyle he’s trying to sell because you know its pitfalls and dangers. You, who questions the wisdom of living a lifestyle built on emotion, which he is ruled by.

Marsh dresses his hate and spite with a smile and a soft tone, but it bleeds through heavily.

But while I can’t hate him for all of this, I can sure as hell hate what he’s about, and I do. Passionately.

Marsh’s belief that he should be able to pull away children from their parents and have secret conversations with them is something to be hated and destroyed. His belief that children should be thrust into situations where sexuality is brought up in the shadows, away from the care of parents is definitely something that should be hated. Marsh’s very hate for the innocent and innocence should be hated.

Everything that Marsh has built on the back of his hate should be hated and destroyed with extreme prejudice. The very lives and safety of innocent children rely on it. Moreover, the philosophy behind Marsh’s actions should be hated and combated with righteous fury.

It’s evil and hating evil is necessary.

Let me be clear. I am not advocating that someone go out and bring physical harm to Jeffery Marsh. As far as I know, Marsh hasn’t physically touched a child in an inappropriate manner and I won’t be the person pointed to as someone who encourages people to go harm others for their words. At best, Marsh needs help from professionals, and when I say “professionals” I mean real ones who see Marsh’s condition as the mental illness it is.

Should Marsh cross that boundary then justice should be done upon him in the court of law…unless he’s caught in the act then all bets are off.

But what I am saying is that everything about Marsh deserves to be hated, because hate has a place in our society and people should absolutely embrace it when it comes to evil.


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