South Park Demolishes Harry and Meghan, Thus Retaining Its Status as the GOAT

Every once in a while, Matt Stone and Trey Parker remind the world why they’re necessary for today’s society. Their television show “South Park,” now going into its 26th season, has never shied away from pointing out the Emperor’s complete lack of clothing and they’ve never cared how un-politically correct they needed to be to do it.


In their latest episode that aired Wednesday night, the show tackled one of the most annoying and over-hyped couples of the modern era, Harry and Meghan. The couple has effectively made a living off of being influencers who badmouth the UK Royal Family, selling books that complain about their victimization at the hands of an ages-old institution. All this while they live in absolute luxury and privilege.

While some are glued to the drama, everyone else is pretty sick of the couple. Both have proven to be absolute hypocrites and grown spoiled children. Markel, viewed as the toxic ringleader of the two-person circus, has attempted to become something of a feminist icon by denouncing people and shows she used to work for, only to have these claims blow up in her face and embarrass her.

Naturally, since the mainstream world is making the couple an undeserving sacred cow, South Park is firing up the grill.

The episode is titled “Worldwide Privacy Tour,” and it covers the royal couple…of Canada. The two characters are definitely Harry and Meghan despite the location change.

The episode features a segment of the show “Good Morning Canada,” where the host introduces the couple after the death of the Canadian Queen. Harry and Meg are invited to come out with the intent to badmouth the royal family, and sport picket signs that read “STOP LOOKING AT US!” and “WE WANT OUR PRIVACY!!!”


The host, speaking for all of us, begins the interview with a slap at Harry.

“You’ve lived a life with the royal family, you’ve had everything handed to you, but you say your life has been hard, and now you’ve written all about it in your new book ‘WAAAGH,’” said the host.

The host holds up a book meant to mimic the real prince Harry’s book “Spare.”

Meg consistently interrupts Harry throughout the interview and takes a swipe at journalists. When the host points out that they’re reporting on the royal family as journalists do, there’s a brief pause before Meg pipes up again.

“We just want to be normal people. All this attention is so hard!”

The host points out that Meg is doing everything in her power to gain attention by being in fashion magazines and being a reality TV show star. This causes the couple to become irate and declares they’re leaving Canada.

They then embark on a “Worldwide Privacy Tour,” finally deciding to move to a remote location so people take them seriously…which just so happens to be right across from one of South Park’s main characters, Kyle Broflovski’s house.

In South Park’s signature meta-style commentary, Kyle continuously complains that the couple keeps bothering him and he can’t get away from them, but his friends continue to dismiss him, telling him they’re sick of hearing about the couple all the time.


I’m sick of hearing about them! But I can’t get away from them. They’re everywhere,” exclaims Kyle.

To be sure, many in the world are pretty sick of the self-victimization that this incredibly rich and powerful couple consistently displays, and it’s definitely something South Park hammers them on. Like the characters in the show, the real world would love nothing more than for the two to go away and not bother people with their complaining anymore, especially when they’re doing it from homes that are worth far more than most people will ever be able to afford.

I definitely recommend you check out the episode yourself.


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