MSNBC Gets Incredibly Weird as It Discusses 'Deprogramming' Fox News Viewers

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There’s not too much in the way of difference between MSNBC and CNN, it’s just that the former is better at being a leftist propaganda outlet than the latter.


That said, MSNBC seems to have a much better track record of going off into the lunatic fringe than even CNN, but that’s what’s expected out of it. Their leftism is their bread and butter, and the more left they go the more their viewers like it. CNN doesn’t enjoy that privilege, their viewers just leave.

But I digress.

MSNBC went really far into bizarre territory the other day when a conversation went off the deep end about Fox News and its viewers. The segment really gives you a solid idea of how they view people outside of their ideological bubble.

The segment took place on “The 11th Hour” with host Stephanie Ruhle. Ruhle was aghast that Fox News reacted to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech by calling him a liar. This apparently prompted her to call on Juliet Jeske, a professional Fox News analyzer, to come on and talk about the network and its viewers.

Jeske is apparently on a mission to “get to” Fox News viewers and break them free of an apparent brainwashing the network has forced on people.

Jeske and Ruhle basically sat around and talked about Fox News as if they were a neglectful ex. They spent time complaining that they didn’t talk enough about the endless lawsuits around former President Donald Trump, nor did they talk enough about climate change. They naturally complained about Tucker Carlson and accused him of being a revolutionary against the state because of his talk about self-defense.


This finally led Ruhle to get to the point of Jeske’s job. It’s apparently her goal to reach people who watch Fox News and begin “deprogramming” them from the “cult mentality” they are apparently a part of. In fact, she doubles down and says that the Fox News viewership is a “cult.”

“I’m trying to get to the friends, families, coworkers, and colleagues of people who are already deeply entrenched in Fox. Number one, to prevent them from getting sucked in. To help them navigate dealing with someone who’s in that cult mentality because I would call it a cult and to help them figure out why their relatives and loved ones are saying these things and deprogramming someone or deradicalizing them is a very difficult and long situation to go through. It’s low. It’s very, very hard.


While I’d hardly call Fox News a perfect news organization, I would say it’s definitely one of the better ones because it spends quite a bit of time talking about actual news rather than propaganda talking points that only benefit one party.

For instance, the reason Fox News doesn’t cover the Trump lawsuits is that there’s a new one every other day and each of them results in nothing more than leftist fan fiction about the end of the Trump dynasty or something nonsensical along those lines.


As for complaining about climate change, I’d say Fox News is far more accurate in its discussion about the weather and weather-related events because many of its hosts know that the science isn’t settled on man-made climate change and there’s more than enough evidence to conclude that much of the climate change hysteria is just partisan politics run amok.

But let’s put that away for a second and focus on the meat of this little interchange.

Jeske and Ruhle believe that Fox News is a cult and that its viewers are cultists. They are religious radicals wholly believing in the declarations of people like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity. They don’t actually think Greg Gutfeld is entertaining, he’s just on Fox News and therefore he has to be watched and enjoyed. Whatever Fox and Friends say in the morning will define your outlook on a thing from here to eternity.

And Jeske thinks that it’s up to her to break you from your cult-like trance and free you from the clutches of the evil that has its grip on your mind and heart.

That sounds more cult-like than anything else. MSNBC and Jeske are so convinced that no one in the world could disagree with them while having a sane mind that they view it as insanity. I guess if you were to live in Wonderland all your life and got to peer into the human world for a time, you’d think everyone else was crazy, not you.


The simple fact is that more people tune into Fox News because it’s the only place they can get news that doesn’t revolve around Democrat talking points 24 hours a day. They might actually get something out of it. Meanwhile, CNN and MSNBC consistently trail because their “reporting” caters to a specific group of people.

A group much smaller than the general populace who have a radical belief in concepts that are, upon closer inspection, pretty bizarre and ultimately ridiculous.



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