Beyoncé Betrays the LGBT Community, Teaches Them She's a Business, Not a Friend

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If there’s one thing that people should understand about our society, it’s that major businesses don’t actually care about you. They don’t truly support the “current thing.” Their top concern is money. That’s it.


Another thing is that businesses come in many different forms. It’s easy to identify a business when it’s a corporation or a chain. When it’s a singular person, identifying them as a business is a little bit more difficult for the general population.

People identify with singular entities. Celebrities that find ways of connecting with their audience become the friends they never met. They’re credited with getting people through hard times with their art. Their personal lives become a huge point of interest and inspiration. However, at the end of the day, these people are businesses in themselves. Their name isn’t just their name, it’s a brand, and behind that brand is an army of people working to help that brand make a lot of money.

This includes people/brands like Taylor Swift, Tom Cruise, Kim Kardashian, and Beyoncé, and it’s that last name that is showing people that, at the end of the day, business is business.

According to the Daily Mail, the pop starlet is currently under fire by the LGBT community for performing in Dubai, a place that is so anti-LGBT that being gay comes with the death penalty:

The Grammy-winning star has been accused of ‘casting a shadow’ over her support for queer people – with many pointing out she ‘doesn’t need the money’.

Thousands of fans were quick to criticize the hit-maker for ‘selling out’ – arguing, ‘it’s not like you need the money’.

Her newest album, Renaissance, which she did not perform during the set, was dedicated to her uncle Jonny, who identified as gay and suffered a battle with HIV.


The article quotes many people who spoke out against Beyoncé, including famous voices and activists.

Peter Tatchell, an LGBT rights activist pointed out that it’s not just performing in Dubai, but leaving out tracks from her pro-LGBT album “Renaissance” that truly puts her allyship in question:

‘Ditching her own progressive values, she put a money-grabbing pay cheque before human rights.

‘On top of that, her music set excluded all tracks from her 2022 Renaissance album, which was a homage to queer black dance pioneers.

‘It looks like she did this to appease Dubai’s homophobic regime, which has the death penalty for homosexuality.

‘Like many of her LGBT fans, I feel betrayed and angry. Her liberal reputation has taken a hard knock.’

But what did these people expect?

Beyoncé is no different from a brand like Google. Both of them present a face to the public that is woke, accepting, and something that you can consider a friend. However, this is just a PR campaign made to make you spend money and use their products.

If the price is right, they’ll ditch their declared values and principles. And why not? They have to keep that business afloat, keep the employees paid and happy, keep innovating, and of course, the people at the top want to maintain their extravagant and comfortable lifestyle.


People feel betrayed by Beyoncé, but their first mistake was thinking that Beyoncé was just a single person. This isn’t Beyoncé, it’s Beyoncé inc., and Beyoncé inc. doesn’t have values, it has market strategies.


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