One Like of a JK Rowling Tweet Took Mark Hamill From Beloved Actor to 'Transphobic' Enemy

Mark Mainz

It’s fascinating how Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling went from being one of the world’s most celebrated authors to being a litmus test for being considered a good or bad person in modern society. Any kind of friendly interaction with her means you’re truly an evil person deep down.


Apparently, hard leftists on Twitter found that famed actor Mark Hamill is a hateful bigot despite years of open advocacy for some of the most leftist of positions. This was revealed to them after he did the unthinkable; he liked a Rowling tweet.

The tweet that Hamill liked was a response by Rowling to a transgender newsreader for Good Morning Britain named India Willoughby. Willoughby tweeted “I’m more of a woman than JK Rowling will ever be.”

Rowling wittily responded, “citation needed.” This tweet earned the like of Mark Hamill, and that was when all hell broke loose. Cultural commentator “Master of the TDS” gathered together just a few of the responses to this horrendous event.

As it turns out, this isn’t the first time Hamill has liked a Rowling tweet and LGBT activists and their allies, who keep track of this kind of thing, were quick to point that out.


This is a lesson that our society should understand by now, yet for some reason, this very simple fact continues to elude everyone except those paying close attention.

The social justice community does not pardon nuance, they do not recognize simple differences of opinion, and they do not forget or forgive dissension. What they desire is a social dictatorship. They have no friends, just people who are useful to them at that moment.

It’s highly likely that Hamill isn’t the kind of person who hates transgender people, but recognizes that it is a delusion based on a fantasy. He very well may, like Rowling, side with biological women when it comes to maintaining their spaces and rooting for them when they’re attacked by the LGBT activist cancellation mobs.

Or, it could be even more simple than that. He might just consider Rowling a friend and is supportive of her when attacked. Either way, this doesn’t make Hamill an anti-transgender bigot or a TERF.

But none of that matters to the social justice community. The only acceptable course of action for anyone in society is full compliance and obedience. If they say the sky is green, then you better repeat it or else. This needs to be understood because people need to realize that this isn’t the future. Kowtowing to social dictators is not “being on the right side of history,” as they like to say. This isn’t a freedom movement, like what the gays and lesbians were doing decades ago. This is a full-on societal takeover.


More people would do well to side with Rowling. Caving to the woke mob isn’t progressive or kind. It’s cowardice that exacerbates a problem that harms the people participating in the delusion the most.


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