Modern Feminism Was Never Going to Work for Women

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Feminism is an interesting beast. It all operates under the guise of “female empowerment” but it consistently drifts leftward in order to go along with, or even define, what is expected of modern women.

What it requires of them today is even more destructive than it’s ever been.

“Sex-positive” feminism has been around since the ’60s. It’s the idea that women should be sexually liberated and independent. That they should not have to require a man for either emotional or financial support and be able to sleep around as a woman, while still maintaining self-confidence and maintaining value in the eyes of society.

To be sure, many women bought into it and the idea has so infested modern society that many of today’s women believe that this style of life is possible…at least when they’re young adults. The issue only got worse when feminism began pushing an open disdain for men and masculinity.

This created an issue on top of an issue. Now, women not only believe that sexual liberation and total independence are the paths to true happiness, but they also have a natural distrust and disregard for the very people they’re supposed to have these sexual relationships with.

This has had a very tragic effect on society.

Women who embrace this lifestyle are statistically far less content in their lives. According to the New York Post, a survey asked if feminism had benefited American families. While over 58 percent of respondents said yes, these same respondents appeared to be unhappy:

Only a little more than half (58.6%) of respondents said yes. What’s interesting, though, is the people who said yes also tend to be among the least happy and fulfilled. In survey after survey, it turns out that people who espouse a secular worldview, people who identify as liberals, and people who never attend religious services report the lowest levels of personal satisfaction, but they also report the highest levels of support for feminist ideals. Indeed, as feminism’s influence has grown over the past half century, women have become less happy.

Feminism has so infected our culture that women who don’t even mean to live by its principles are roped into them. They’re now required to focus on a career, especially in their 20s. Deviating from this to focus on a family is to be looked at as a woman not living up to her full potential. Motherhood is viewed as a roadblock, and in extreme cases, subservience to men.

Modern culture teaches women to look at men as a lesser species and not the opposite side of the same coin. Girls are taught what to expect from men and all the ways men could complicate their lives or even harm them. This, sadly, leaves women completely oblivious to the true nature of men, how a functioning relationship is a give-and-take operation, and how men think and process information.

Moreover, girls get so wrapped up in this degrading view of men thanks to modern feminism’s infection that a sort of dehumanization occurs. Men are viewed less as a human being with emotions, wants, and needs, and are viewed more as tools. A man’s emotional state becomes more of a complication for the modern woman and one that gets in the way of the happiness she was told she was supposed to receive for just being with him.

All this comes to a head when around the age of their late 20s and early 30s, women begin feeling that strong urge for companionship. At this point, they have no idea what it takes to be in a stable relationship, they’re neck deep in a career they’re beginning to resent on some levels, and many of the “good men” have been taken by women who weren’t caught up in the feminism society attempted to thrust on them.

This is about the age you typically see tweets, TikTok videos, and other social media posts from women opining about the absence of good, stable men and where they can be found. The ones who are more self-aware than others recognize that they bought into the feminist lie and openly regret living as they have up to this point.

Should they find a man, they’re very ignorant about his nature. She’s easily irritated by the masculine nature God programmed him with, and even basic issues become harder to solve because of it. They have to work harder at every stage of this relationship than they typically would.

The issue with modern feminism is that it asks women to step away from their feminine nature and embrace something that runs them into the ground emotionally. They’re fed the lie that they must sleep around in order to be truly happy and fulfilled, but this is exactly the opposite of what her nature wants her to do. The female of our species is after safety, stability, health, and companionship. Her companion, the male of the species, provides that safety and stability. She, the female, uses these elements to create a healthy home. All of this is geared toward the ultimate goal of raising healthy children in the best possible conditions.

What we call the “nuclear family” is that goal. Modern feminism paints this as an antiquated way of life that subjugates women. They’re half right, this style of living is very old, but that’s because it’s how we were programmed from the beginning. A few generations of modern feminism and social justice aren’t going to sweep away natural instinct any more than separating an ant from its colony will make it live independently.

Modern feminism can’t work because it runs against the very nature of the female of our species. This is why those who abide by its principles are far more unhappy than those who don’t.

Feminism just doesn’t work for women. It works against them. It’s a pervasive lie that sells happiness but delivers emptiness.

An empty bed, an empty home, and an empty heart.


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