The Neo-Pronoun Trend Explained Through My Experience as a Power Ranger

(Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

If you’re a denizen of Twitter and a loyal reader of mine, then you likely follow Libs of TikTok. The account consistently posts a myriad of leftist content that gets uploaded to the Chinese video service daily from woke teachers and groomers to people explaining how trans they are.

At some point, you’ve likely seen Libs of TikTok post leftists (oftentimes white and high school/college-aged) explaining their gender, which is oftentimes made up. Since they believe that “gender” is a fluid concept that has no basis in reality, they feel they can just concoct one that best explains their feelings, dysphoria, or whatever sickness they’ve diagnosed themselves with.

You’ll often see these genders accompanied with pronouns that would fit better in Wonderland alongside hookah-smoking caterpillars. Neo-pronouns like “bug/bugself” or “zim/zerself” are constantly being paraded into the spotlight by these kids.

Take, for instance, this most basic of white girls telling you about her new gender called “graygender,” so called because sometimes she feels like other genders but not always as intensely as other times.

Now, you might have many questions, but the main one I usually see is “what the hell would possess someone to make up genders and label themselves as nonsensical fantasy beings?”

The answer to that might lie in your own past.

Firstly, we need to acknowledge that many of our teenagers and young adults have been kept in a form of arrested development. Various factors have stopped the maturation process for kids and while the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns didn’t help, a lot of the blame lies with our education system which encourages kids to embrace fantasy and replace education and rationality with emotional decision-making. Pair that with reinforcement from peers and online trends that encourage people to keep up with the Jones’s and you’ve got what you see above.

Now, reach back into your childhood to an earlier and simple time. You had no real responsibilities, no real-life experience, and no real direction. Most of your time was spent playing pretend in some way, shape, or form.

Personally, when I was much younger, the show “Power Rangers” had just begun its first run and it was the hit television show for kids, especially for boys. The playground was absolutely full of young boys shouting out “IT’S MORPHIN TIME” and calling out the names of dinosaurs before doing karate punches and kicks to invisible monsters which infested the area.

At the time, there were only five colors or dinosaurs to call out, and since girls were — and remain to this day — yucky and boring, no one wanted to be the pink or yellow ranger. So, if the red, black, or blue ranger were already taken, that left the remaining boys in the group to make up their own colors and Zords. Kids would call out that they were the “green ranger” or the “gold ranger” and scream “VELOCIRAPTOR” or something we saw from Jurassic Park. If we couldn’t think of a dinosaur, lions, tigers, and bears would do. One kid was a praying mantis.

We made these workarounds because we didn’t want to be left out. We wanted to fit in and be included with the group. We didn’t want to be the loser sitting there not having fun and being a Power Ranger like everyone else was. If we had to bend the logic and lore of the Power Rangers series to do it, then we did.

Your scenario will have been different depending on which time you lived in, but the principle was often the same.

Now, apply that seven-year-old logic and overlap it with these teenagers living in today’s era of “make-believe or else.” The threat of being a pariah because you wouldn’t go along with, or participate in, transgender advocacy is consistently stressing you out. The modern world has stunted your psychological and emotional growth. You’re looking for a way to fit in and be one of your peers. Not only that, your quest to be an individual and unique tug at you consistently.

So you look for a way to be this while still fitting in and you come up with the solution. You’re trans or gender-fluid just like many of your peers are, but you’re special because you’re a gender that hitherto no one has heard of.

Thus, neo-pronouns.

What we’re seeing is just a not-fun version of the Power Ranger fantasy.



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