Ukraine Worship Isn't Necessary for Russia's Defeat

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Every now and again the nation gets confronted with a “current thing” that the mainstream media insists the public has to embrace while making those who don’t fully conform to the trend out to be pariahs of pure evil and heartlessness.


This has always been around in some way, shape, or form, but it’s safe to say that it’s gotten very out of hand lately. It wasn’t that long ago that not injecting yourself with an unproven vaccine meant that you weren’t just stupid, but you also didn’t care about your fellow man and wanted people to die. You were also supposed to wear a mask, and not wearing one could result in actual punishment. Of course, it later turned out that the vaccines were wholly ineffective and masks were useless, yet somehow apologies weren’t generally issues do those who refused to embrace the trend. Amnesty was requested by those who wanted to tar and feather detractors, however.

But we’ve since moved on to the new “current thing.” Now it’s the worship of Ukraine. You see, Ukraine is fighting Russia and Russia is public enemy number one to the left right now. That status is subject to change based on how useful Russia is to the Democrat Party at any given moment.

To be sure, any red-blooded American looks at Russia as an enemy regardless of how useful they are. They are a dictatorial nation with communism at its core, and any communist nation needs to be rooted against at any time. Moreover, any military loss it takes is a win for the United States. Strategically speaking, Ukraine kicking Russia’s communist keister is a great thing and hoping Ukraine wins the fight is absolutely justifiable.


What’s not justifiable is pretending that Ukraine is a holy land, ruled by the infallible and that its quest against Russia makes it unquestionable and irrefutable. Especially here in America, where forced worship of something is going to spark the natural penchant for rebellion in our blood.

The fact is that despite us rooting for Ukraine against Russia, Ukraine is not exactly the poster child for a free and prosperous state. Its leader, Volodymyr Zelensky, has become so celebrated as the good guy in the war against a bad guy that people wholly forget, or never learn, that the man is actually something of a dictator himself.

As Newsweek covered in August, there are a lot of comparisons one can make between Zelensky and his Russian opponent, Vladimir Putin:

Well, for starters, Zelensky rules much like his adversary, the universally denounced Putin, does. Zelensky shut down all opposition media in Ukraine, then banned opposition political parties. He declared that Russia would have to kill every single citizen of Kyiv to get to him, but also found time to pose for a melodramatic Annie Leibovitz portrait spread for American fashion magazine Vogue.

Yet, Democrats make Zelensky and Ukraine out to be freedom fighters. Sure, they’re fighting against a dictatorial force but only for the freedom to remain dictatorial within its own borders. A country’s business is its own, but let’s not pretend they’re fighting for truth, justice, and the American way over there.


Moreover, we’re sending billions and billions of dollars to the Ukrainian war effort yet, as CBS once reported in a tweet and then deleted, only around 30 percent of that money — our money — actually reaches the Ukrainian frontlines. So where’s the rest of the money going? Does the rest of the 70 percent go to Ukraine’s needy? Not likely because they’re still begging for basic necessities. So a lot of questions hang in the air about the funding.

And that’s funding that we shouldn’t have given up anyway. As Rand Paul pointed out, we’re over $30 trillion in debt and yet we’re still shelling out unwarranted pallets of cash. The Soviet Union didn’t fall because enough missiles and bullets were fired at it, because it went broke making missiles and bullets.

If Russia really wanted to defeat the United States, all it has to do is keep having a war with Ukraine and the U.S. will spend itself silly in an attempt to defeat Russia, ironically doing exactly what the U.S. did to the soviets not that long ago.

But because Ukraine is the “current thing,” you’re not allowed to question any of this according to mainstream culture. This makes people want to question it even more, and with these questions being shot down before you can even ask them, people become even more suspicious and, more importantly, resentful. It gets even worse when they see Democrats unveiling the Ukraine flag in front of the Ukrainian leader inside our own Capitol as we prepare to hand him even more billions of dollars.


Assisting Ukraine in its war against Russia isn’t necessarily out of the question, but the lengths we’re going to are questionable, and bringing up these questions doesn’t make one a paid Russian operative or Putin puppet. It means someone is trying to utilize wisdom in tandem with patriotism. To make it seem like it’s anything else says more about the Ukrainian cheerleader than anyone else.

The American people are becoming resentful of Ukraine and the forced worship of it, and that’s why you see such a positive response from Americans to scenes like this one in Slovakia, where the same Ukraine worship is being pushed on the people.


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