Balenciaga Goes Radio Silent as Campaign Around Sexualized Children Gets Blasted by the Internet

(AP Photo/Thibault Camus)

Balenciaga, the high-end fashion brand, released a photoshoot that includes children in the photos. Upon closer inspection, you can see some very odd things about the bears the children are holding.


For one, the bears are clearly dressed in bondage garb, including studded leather bracelets and fishnet shirts.

It would be nice if that was as bad as it got, but it isn’t. Looking very closely at some of the pictures in the photo shoot, one picture that looks like a work desk has documents underneath a Balenciaga purse. Zooming in you can clearly see a court document from the United States v. Williams case that references “virtual child porn.”

As of this writing, Balenciaga has not released any statements about the photo shoot or what kind of statement it’s trying to make, but as it stands, the reception has been incredibly negative.

The reaction on Twitter has been nothing short of disastrous for the brand. People continue to slam Balenciaga for its connecting children to sexualization. Its pairing kids with BDSM bears and court cases referencing child pornography are beyond disgusting and an unforgivable mistake for the brand to make.


A week before the release of this campaign, Balenciaga removed itself from Twitter. The brand cited Elon Musk’s takeover as the reason for its departure, but many now speculate that it did so in order to avoid the heat that would come its way over these photos.

It would appear they’ve also deleted their Instagram as well, further driving speculation that they are running from interacting with public opinion.

They have a clear theme of child sexualization but there is nothing that indicates its opposition to it within the photos. As of late, the radical left has openly begun attempting to normalize introducing children to sex and sexuality with drag queen story hours and “kid-friendly” drag shows that are anything but appropriate for children.

Perhaps Balenciaga is carrying on that spirit through its photoshoots but until they respond to comments and questions, we won’t know for sure. The longer they stay silent on the matter, the worse the public will view this stunt.


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