Democrats: Desperate, Demoralized, and Destroyed

AP Photo/Rebecca Droke

If you were to look at the Democrats this election season and compare them to the way they looked in 2020, you’d see something that was comparable to the devolution of a drug addict.

For years, the only thing the Democrat Party had to go on was that it was the “not Trump” party. Their obsession ran so deep that no conversation about anything could be had without Trump’s name coming up. For the media, this was intentional. They needed everyone to think that every problem under the sun, no matter what, was somehow a result of Trump’s mishandling of the presidency.

To be sure, it had a great effect. Many people pulled the lever for Biden thinking they were saving the country from a very real threat, not knowing any better for lack of actual media coverage and the suppression of stories that were inconvenient to the Democrat Party.

Once the dust settled, the Democrats had control of the White House, the House, and the Senate. The only thing they didn’t have was the Supreme Court, and I shudder to think of what would have happened if they did.

But then an interesting thing happened. The party that had made its entire platform about one man no longer had that man in a position of power to scare people with. They did their absolute best to keep the fear of Trump fresh in their minds, but without him in office they were beating a dead horse.

It wasn’t long before the spell began to break and what had happened came into focus. The Democrats had covered up their lack of competency with distracting sensationalism about the other side. Joe Biden, as it turns out, was a bumbling old man who was clearly losing his cognitive abilities and embarrassed himself at every turn.

Moreover, the people surrounding him, both elected and unelected, were clearly radicals. They proved it as often as they could and despite cries of outrage and protest, their hubris allowed them to dismiss these people as MAGA radicals. It didn’t take long for support to dry up.

Despite every attempt under the sun to bring people back under the Democrat Party’s umbrella, the mishandling of everything from the economy to the children of America kept people swapping from D to R, and it was pretty clear early on that the midterms would be devastating for the Democrats.

While there have been signs aplenty, there’s one moment that I think really solidifies the desperation of the Democrats and it popped up on Friday. It was a segment from “The View” where the host told John Fetterman that there was nothing wrong with him mentally that would stop him from serving in the Senate.

All things considered, it’s a pretty incredible moment. Fetterman is, without a doubt, one of the least qualified people to run for Senate at this time. Mountains of evidence have shown us that the man’s stroke has limited his cognitive capacity a great deal. He cannot finish a sentence much less run a high-profile office.

Yet, here is a radically left-leaning, yet mainstream show, going for one of the most obvious attempts at gaslighting the country I’ve ever seen.

We know it’s a lie. We’ve seen it’s a lie. Yet they push the narrative on us with absolutely no shame.

It’s one of the biggest signs of desperation I have ever seen from the Democrat Party. They do it because they have absolutely nothing left in their arsenal. They spent so much time patting themselves on the back and buying into their own narratives about how going further left was what the people wanted that they didn’t stop to think they were burying themselves. Like a driver looking at her phone, they were too focused on Trump to realize they were veering off the road and into the ditch.

Now the Democrats have nothing. No worthy candidates, no momentum, and no hope.

The red wave will hit them hard, but they can’t blame anyone but themselves for its creation.


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