The Stigma Around Being White Has to Stop

It’s okay to be white.

It’s very weird that this phrase is associated with white supremacy when there’s not really anything supremacist in the statement. The phrase doesn’t mean something along the lines of “whites first” or even “white pride.” It’s just a statement indicating that having white skin isn’t a bad thing.


Yet, mainstream society seems to have adopted that idea. Being born white has somehow become the same as the church’s idea of original sin. It comes with guilt that you never agreed to take on, and for some reason, responsibilities that you shouldn’t be burdened with.

No other race has this issue in America. Being prideful in one’s skin color is even encouraged if you’re ethnicity is anything but caucasian. No one looks at this as a sign of racism or racial supremacy. It’s just being happy about the identity one was born with. According to mainstream society, white people are too sinful to enjoy this same level of comfort with their skin color.

They’re told they are the oppressor. White people are told their ancestors were oppressors who created an oppressive system, and that they reap the benefits of this oppressive system even today. Their very existence as white people continues this oppression. Every second they breathe air is another bit of guilt they should feel.

I wish I was exaggerating about the race baiter’s position on the breathing air thing, but I’m not.

While people born in the mid-to-late 80s and older might be wise enough to break the spell of mainstream groupthink, those born around the 90s and younger are struggling with this racial discrimination. Either they haven’t been taught Martin Luther King Jr.’s teaching well enough — the idea that character should matter more than skin color — or they’ve had the necessary critical thinking skills withheld from them that would allow them to reach the conclusion that melanin levels don’t make the man on their own.


Earlier, I saw what fruits this bore in a short video. Here we see a group of black people being asked how much pride they feel pride in their skin color by moving to a certain part of the room. Without a second thought, every black person moved to “strongly agree.” When a group of white people is asked the same question about their own skin color, the results are wildly different and incredibly sad.

Notice the hesitation when the question is asked. The body language and facial expressions run the gambit from nervous to fearful. Excuses are made. Only one of the people shifts to the right toward pride.

In a perfect world, when asked that question, no one would move from the center line no matter what race you are. Being a skin color isn’t something you can control and you can no more take credit for the works people with your skin color accomplished in the past any more than you can take responsibility for their sins. If we were to truly get past the window dressing society puts on things, it’d make more sense to take more pride in how well you vacuumed your floor or brushed your dog.


However, we don’t live in one. We live in a “modern” society that, somewhat ironically, has devolved into viewing skin color with tribal eyes, and over the course of years, society has convinced a great deal of the members of one tribe that their tribe is evil. Moreover, they can never leave their tribe to be with the “good” tribe, they can only work against their own tribe to serve the purposes of every other tribe until, at some point, they can be discarded like trash and be grateful for it.

Nobody who believes they should ever deserve their success, or that they should feel guilt over success, because of characteristics they can’t help will ever fully live up to their potential. They’ll live in a constant state of mental imprisonment, which can also have its own negative effects such as depression or self-hatred. Society, too, will suffer as a good portion of it will refuse to be anything other than average or mediocre. The worst of them will actively work to demolish or disrupt society as a form of penance and/or revenge in an effort to practice some misguided pseudo-morality.

You can see that now in Antifa.

The bottom line is that being white is okay. There’s nothing wrong with being white at all. White people can be great or evil just as black people can be great or evil. It boils down to the person. Be comfortable in the skin you’re in, even white skin.



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