Biased Government-Funded Study Accuses Gamers of Old Social Justice Accusations

(AP Photo/Wayne Parry, File)

Gee, sure is kinda funny that a biased non-profit group lead by a left-leaning woman with a bone to pick with GamerGate got paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by the government to find issues with the gaming community and came up with a study that concluded the gaming community was racist and sexist…


On Tuesday evening, the New York Post dropped an article that spoke about a non-profit mental health organization that looks into the gaming community and video game industry called “Take This.” According to the group, the gamer identity comes stock with problematic behaviors such as sexism, racism, and misogyny.

Looking at the study itself proves to be a one-sided political affair with more questions about whether or not respondents drifted toward right-wing extremism, right-wing authoritarianism, and a belief in QAnon. No looking into whether or not they drifted toward the extreme left seemed to be in the study.

Of course, when a government with an extreme leftist bias pays a group with a leftist bias $700,000 to conduct the study to find those exact results, you can expect some pretty biased conclusions.

This isn’t anything gamers haven’t about themselves before as any veteran of GamerGate will tell you.

Let’s talk more about this in my latest video.

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