Why Democrats Are Okay With Transgenderism and Not Okay With Transracialism

(JoJo Whilden/FX via AP)

The farce is strong with the Democrat Party but like every lie, eventually, the truth comes out. Democrats are now approaching a crossroads where people are beginning to ask questions about the lies they’ve upheld for some time now, and with midterms around the corner, things aren’t looking good for their image.

The lie comes in the form of the transgender issue. After trans activist and TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney appeared on a podcast presented by Ulta, women became angry enough to openly boycott the makeup chain. They were right to do it, too. Women’s spaces are increasingly dwindling. Nothing is safe from the trans community, be it sports, women’s only rooms, or makeup companies.

Mulvaney’s insistence that he could go on as a woman and do everything a woman could do, including being a mother, wasn’t something that women were taking lightly. The transgender Tiktoker isn’t a woman, he’s just proclaiming he is. He’s mocking women and women have to stand by as everyone from corporations to even the President of the United States applauds it.

It also got women asking questions that the social justice left would rather they not ask. Chief among them was “why is it not okay to be transracial but it’s okay to be transgender?”

This harkens back to the uproar surrounding Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who pretended to be black for a long time and was so believed to be black that she was even put in charge of an NAACP chapter. Dolezal was roundly denounced for trying to declare her transracialness and, to this day, remains a public pariah.

To be clear, she should be. This kind of behavior is ridiculous and shouldn’t be encouraged.

However, transgendered people can proclaim they’re women with absolutely no pushback from the social justice left. In fact, they’re applauded, throwing parades, and will try to destroy the lives of anyone who dares tell them they’re wrong.

It seems odd until you look at it from the perspective of a party that only cares about power. The Democrats have spent decades on decades pushing the message that people of color, especially the black community, are nothing short of sacred. Race is such a sacred cow to the left that they will gin up perceived slights to go to war about.

It’s a strategy that’s worked for a long, long time. The vast majority of almost every non-white community votes Democrat. This is slowly starting to change but the effect of it can’t be denied.

Women, however, can be mocked. While the majority of women do vote Democrat, it’s a much slimmer lead. It’s much better to allow the trans community to mock women and look supportive of the LGBT community and allow their allies in the media, Hollywood, and on social media to carry that message that they “care.” This will undoubtedly anger many women but that’s okay because the Democrats have found that the abortion issue will get them back on their side.

So, in the end, they have non-white communities, the LGBT community, and the women’s communities all wrapped up and ready to serve the Democrat Party’s purposes.

This should set off alarms for any protected community under the Democrat’s umbrella. Women were, at one point, the holiest of holies until the trans issue came along. Women even experienced a brief reprisal as the top victim group when Roe was destroyed but sank somewhere below the top spot when the fervor died down. The position of womanhood was suddenly safe to question again.

It’s pretty clear Democrats will switch gears at the drop of a hat and leave whoever their sacred cow is in the dust if it means getting more votes. People in the black community have to wonder when that time will come for them. Rest assured, it will come sooner than later.

The lesson shouldn’t go unnoticed, however. In truth, the Democrats don’t care about the groups they claim to. They’ll use anyone and everyone in order to obtain and maintain power. The toast of Democrat town will be left in the gutter the next day if it benefits the Democrat Party. There is no true principle except the virtue of winning. You are a pawn in their game and nothing more.


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