Leftist Podcaster Ethan Klein Openly Wishes for Ben Shapiro's Death In Second Holocaust

Many who exist on the hard-left of the political spectrum spend an inordinate amount of time signaling virtues and yet when it comes down to it, the virtue is just being on what they consider to be “the right side.” This means that they can say and do whatever they want, even if it flies in the face of their professed beliefs, and it’s a-ok since their goals are morally superior in their eyes.


H3H3 podcaster Ethan Klein, for instance, can say some absolutely horrific things and not be punished in any way at all by the social media platform he said it on. However, if you even think about saying something about the ineffective vaccines or be heard remotely questioning an election a Democrat won, then you’ll be silenced and possibly kicked off the platform.

Klein, for his part, decided to openly hope that the Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro is “gassed first” should a second Holocaust happen. Klein dismisses the “joke” as okay because he too is Jewish, but knowing Klein, it’s highly unlikely he was actually joking.

As of right now, the H3H3 video where Klein said this is still up with the part about gassing Shapiro still on display. The kicker here is that if someone like Steven Crowder or Tim Pool had said it, YouTube would have brought the hammer down faster than they could blink.


Klein’s behavior isn’t anything new. Not long ago, he openly suggested someone would set off a bomb at the NRA convention in Dallas. Klein was punished for this remark by YouTube but it would appear that Klein is perfectly okay to say horrific things about gassing Jewish people.

Again, you could take anything Klein says and imagine the reaction we would see if Klein was right-leaning. The media immediately jumps on right-leaning personalities with a vengeance should they say anything that remotely drifts too close to suggesting violence, yet a good deal of the left shrugs when the violence is suggested against someone they don’t like politically.

YouTube certainly is.


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