Ulta Beauty Now Hiding Behind Disabled Comments After Trans Video Tried to Redefine Women

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Ulta Beauty is going through a rough time thanks to a massive miscalculation that they didn’t see coming. It turns out, if you promote a man to redefine womanhood on an official podcast, women will become angry.


Who’d have thought?

Ulta had on TikToker Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender activist popular for thinking he’s a woman, to discuss femininity and beauty. The podcast was hosted by David Lopez, a “gender-fluid” person. Within the conversation, Lopez and Mulvaney discussed girlhood and Mulvaney’s future goals as a “woman” including motherhood.

It effectively looked like a mockery toward women, and naturally, women responded by vowing to boycott the makeup store.

Ulta attempted to quell the backlash with some nonsense about how “beauty is for everyone” and they wanted to “widen the lens surrounding traditional beauty standards” which is PR speak for “we’re adopting the transgender narrative that male and female are interchangeable and will be treating men who claim they’re women as women.”

This is a narrative that has resulted in the erasure of women and the pollution of women’s spaces with identity politics and the intrusion of men.

The backlash was so severe, and the calls for boycotts so many, that the company began doing what companies do whenever their narrative is denounced by its customers; it began hiding and turning off comments.

Going to its YouTube page, you can see the comments for the Mulvaney podcast disabled. Moreover, the video has 8.1k dislikes to only 358 likes.


Comments are also hidden on its Instagram page. Meanwhile, on Twitter, it would appear that the company is working overtime to hide comments that are negative to the company. One person went through the hidden comments and found dozens and dozens of them. To be clear, these weren’t hateful comments that featured horrific language. The vast majority of these comments were angry responses from people vowing to never shop at their stores again over the insult.

Ulta can try to hide the comments all it wants, at the end of the day, the view toward this move is still going to be the same. You can’t un-explode this bomb. All Ulta can do now to save face is take down the videos and apologize to women for effectively making a mockery of them and, not only that, attempting to silence them as well.

The chances of them doing that is slim, sadly. This is a corporation that has decided to go woke, after all, and we all know what follows going woke.


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