DeSantis Teaches Ukrainian Leaders About Cause and Effect Over Insults Toward Elon Musk

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The drama between Ukraine and Elon Musk caused something of a flame war on Twitter with even Musk dropping some hilarious one-liners on the subject.

As we reported previously, Musk held a poll on Twitter asking how peace might be achieved, revolving mostly around Ukrainian territories voting about whether or not they want to stay with Russia via vote. This resulted in one Ukrainian ambassador telling Musk to “f*** off.”


So, Musk did, and he’s now seeking payments for the Starlink internet he’d been providing to Ukraine at a cost to SpaceX of around $20 million a month to be taken over by the Pentagon.

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Now, it seems Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is getting into the flame war. At a press conference, America’s favorite governor weighed in on the issue.

“Elon Musk positioned his satellites over Ukraine and gave them these things,” DeSantis said. “So, they’ve actually been using his devices to be able to defend their country, and I guess some of the people in the, in the government were attacking Musk.”

“And I’m just thinking to myself, ‘like he’s doing this for free, don’t bite the hand that feeds you!’ Good lord,” DeSantis added.

“I mean, have a little bit —, so, but I think there was like kind of that kerfuffle, but he has provided that for them for free, and if you think about it in a country that big, given what’s going on, I mean, that’s tens of millions of dollars that he’s effectively donated,” DeSantis said.


Musk’s decision to withdraw his company from funding Starlink did not include taking Starlink away itself, but the Tesla CEO has come under attack for being sensitive and selfish despite having set up and funded Starlink for months.

Why Musk should be expected to continue providing funding as Ukraine’s leaders insult him is an answer only the left can seem to provide, but as they’ve proven, they’re ready to turn on Musk for any reason and no matter what good he does. Despite the fact that he’s done to help the Ukrainian war effort more than anyone complaining about him on Twitter, the accounts with Ukraine flags in their bios will continue to virtue signal about his every move.


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