Watch: Gay Man Gives Fiery Speech Against Woke School Board Wanting to Teach Transgenderism to Kids

Conejo Valley School District probably wasn’t ready for what came at them last Tuesday when a man named Mario came and gave an important and energizing speech against the grooming of children and the attempt to teach them transgenderism.


Known as “Mario Presents” to the public, Mario represents a group gaining a lot of popularity called “Gays Against Groomers.” A gay Hispanic man himself, Mario has indicated that he’s against the abuse of children by the LGBT activist community by teaching them things like gender fluidity, homosexuality, and transgenderism. According to Mario, the basics such as reading, writing, and arithmetic, should come first.

He made his position clear when he gave a small speech that got a massive ovation from attendees that, thankfully, was recorded so that we could all see it ourselves.

Mario took the podium and began by introducing himself as a member of “Gays Against Groomers” but more importantly, the uncle of two children attending school in the district looking to teach children about transgenderism. He noted that it had come to the parent’s attention that the school was going to start teaching children transgenderism without the parent’s consent.

“If I were to teach your child about my sexuality without your consent or involvement, I’d be arrested,” said Mario, “but when the school district does it, it’s education.”

“Districts are teaching transgenderism when they should be teaching science, math, and language,” he continued. “Instead, teachers are hiding student pronouns from their parents under the guise of gender affirmation.”


Mario gave a scenario of what it would be like if teachers began evangelizing and baptizing children behind the backs of parents.

“Isn’t that sort of what you’re doing?” asked Mario.

“You don’t tuck these children in at night,” he continued. “You don’t teach them to stand up to bullies. You don’t pay their medical bills, and you certainly don’t hold their hands in the hospital.”

“These parents do,” he said pointing to the attendees.

Mario made it clear that the science is not with the school board, and made it clear that you can’t simply pause puberty with hormone blockers and other medications. He also made it clear that “men cannot become women and sex chromosomes are coded into the fabric of our DNA.”

“Simply affirming a teenager’s gender is akin to affirming anorexia,” said Mario. “Both are body dysmorphic disorders yet we don’t teach the starving teenagers how to binge and purge, or affirm that they are indeed overweight.”

Mario highlighted that the school board seems okay with this level of non-logic by teaching girls that they’re actually boys just because they’re uncomfortable in their own bodies. He also noted that medical procedures like hysterectomies can’t be done to grown women without extensive medical forms yet a known doctor just down the road will do top and bottom surgeries, sterilizing the child for life.


Mario finished by making it clear that none of this needs to be happening, especially to children under the age of ten.

The group is apparently very effective at what they do as recently, Venmo, PayPal, and even Google completely de-platformed them in an attempt to break them financially.

(READ: PayPal, Venmo, and Google Cut off Group Fighting to Protect Children From Groomers)

But it doesn’t seem to be working. As time goes on, they only seem to get louder and more popular. For the left, this is a worst-case scenario. Nothing derails the narrative more than the people you claim to represent and speak for speaking out against you.



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