Hollywood's Intent for James Bond Is Proof It No Longer Lives In Reality

The standard for Hollywood today is to take a previously established franchise that is highly beloved and then proceeds to bastardize it in order to push the left’s narratives and agendas.

You’re currently watching it happen with a lot of your favorite brands from Star Wars to Marvel. Of course, the left has made it very clear for years that they’ve had their eye on the Bond franchise.

The reason being is pretty obvious. James Bond is everything they hate. He’s a charming, confident, competent, and masculine man who attracts women’s carnal desires despite themselves. For Hollywood, as infected with the social justice virus as it is, a character like Bond can’t be allowed to exist. He’s the antithesis of their message and any success he has without their hand in it will be a disaster for their narrative.

The playbook requires that people have no place to go to get away from their message. Everything must carry it or it must be rejected and either thrown out or changed to fit the narrative. If something is gaining success outside the approved messaging it could spell disaster for the agenda. It may start a trend that pulls society away from it, and that can’t be allowed to happen.

But the left doesn’t have to worry because they’ve managed to infect the studio where Bond is being produced now too. As a result, they’re going to change Bond from being Bond to being…something else.

As Bounding Into Comics reported, Bond’s producers are saying that he’s going to “evolve” just like modern men are evolving:

However, it seems this next incarnation of Bond will be far from a complete ‘reinvention’ of the character, as Variety writes that Broccoli confirmed to them that the “humanizing of the once-womanizing spy and the ensuring of more fulfilling, meatier roles for the female stars of the franchise” done during her and her brother’s handling of the franchise will “continue in the next films”.

“It’s an evolution,” asserted Broccoli, who in addition to serving as a James Bond producer is also the current director of the UK chapter of Time’s Up. “Bond is evolving just as men are evolving. I don’t know who’s evolving at a faster pace.”

While Daniel Craig absolutely brought another layer to the Bond character by making his investments in the story far more personal and therefore his emotions were explored more than in previous versions, Craig’s Bond walked a fine line. Moreover, that line was absolutely crossed a couple of times in his latter movies, resulting in some sub-par Bond moments.

That said, these producers are unclear as to what’s happening to men. Men aren’t “evolving,” the wish from the left is that we “evolve” to fit what they think a man should look like and so they try to manifest it into reality with pop culture.

The issue is that “evolve” in the leftist Hollywood sense means less masculinity. They want more emotionally in-touch men who take a back seat to women strictly on the basis of sex. They want “socially aware” men who know of their own “privilege” and work to fight against it. They want men who use their voices more than their fists, yet know when to keep their voices down while anyone nearby higher up in the victim Olympics is speaking.

In short, they want to neuter Bond because they want neutered men.

While neutered men might be a common site in Hollywood’s elite coastal circles, they’re hardly the most common type of man. This is why Bond is headed for disaster. The secret agent appealed to men more than any other audience and taking away what made him appealing to men is just going to make audiences vacate theaters. If they’re hoping that gap will be filled by a new audience that is closer to their ideological home, then I’ve got bad news for them.

Few will actually show up and the proof is in the fact that every time they attempt to cater to these “new audiences” the product falls flat on its face. Marvel properties are losing steam to the point where people aren’t even showing up to watch anymore. Star Wars has seen such an audience bleed that it has anemic viewership. Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is doing so badly that they refuse to release the metrics for it.

Get woke, go broke. It will be the same for this “modern” Bond as it is for every other “modern” remake.


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